Assembly members serve to represent the interests of the class year they were elected to serve. There are four assembly members per class year. Have a concern or comment about Bates that you want student government to look into or take care of? Contact your assembly members or submit to the feedback form!

Class of 2017 Assembly Members

Kevin Tejada –
Fatima Sacko –
Jordan Wenik –
Christian Zavala –

Class of 2018 Assembly Members

Matthew Davis –
Alexandra Gwillim –
Cristopher Hernandez Sifontes –
Hannah Slattery –

Class of 2019 Assembly Members

Oliver Farnum –
Katharine Gaillard –
Julia Horwitz –
Andrea Russo –

Class of 2020 Assembly Members

Zach Bernstein –
Sam Cruickshank –
Areohn Harrison –
Ryan Lizanecz –


Assembly Members-Elect will assume their positions in fall 2017. Class of 2021 Assembly Members will be elected in fall 2017.

Class of 2018 Assembly Members-Elect

Joseph Alp –
Emma Russell –
Hannah Slattery –
Amelia Wilhelm –

Class of 2019 Assembly Members-Elect

Angela Kemfack –
Matthew Puckace –
Andrea Russo –
Patrick Sheils –

Class of 2020 Assembly Members-Elect

Zach Bernstein –
Sam Cruickshank –
Ryan Lizanecz –
Julia Panepinto –