Campus Religious Groups

The following religious groups have official standing with the Student Government for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you are part of a tradition that is not represented in this list and you’d like to connect with other students from your tradition, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help!

Baha’i Association
Chair: Matt Gee ’16,

Catholic Student Community
Office: Chase Hall, Room 216.
Co-President: August Folz ’17,
Co-President: Kevin Franco ’17 (abroad Fall 2015),
Treasurer: vacant
Community Service Coordinator: Rose Snyder ’16,

Bates Christian Fellowship
Office: Chase Hall, Room 216.
Co-President: Jalen Baker ’16,
Co-President: Thomas Graziano ’16,
Treasurer: James Karsten ’17,
Secretary: Gina Ciobanu ’17,
Community Liaison: Danielle Fournier ’18,

Christian Science Organization
No officers for 2015-2016

Dharma Society
Buddhist meditation room located in Chase Hall.
Co-President: Toby Myers ’16,
Co-President: Tara Das ’16,
Co-Treasurer: Zsofia Duarte ’18,
Co-Treasurer: Olga Revzina ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Samuel Higgins ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Christina Lang ’18,

Co-President: Melissa Carp ’16,
Co-President: Alex Tritell ’16,
Vice President: Leah Permut ’17,
Treasurer: Hannah Singer ’18,
Religious Life Coordinator: Brooke Drabkin ’18,
Community Liaison: Matthew Winter ’18,
Social Coordinator: Hannah Prince ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Rachel Blaustein ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Sophie Mortman ’18,

Members of the Bates Hillel Board.

Members of the Bates Hillel Board, Fall 2014.

Muslim Student Association (Mushahada Association)
Muslim prayer room located in Chase Hall.
Co-President: Mahad Mohamed ’17,
Co-President: Usman Khan ’16,
Treasurer: Ahmed Sheikh
Secretary: Fatima Saidi ’17,

Salaam Namaste
Co-President: Brian Colindres ’18,
Co-President: Jose Ruiz ’18,
Treasurer: Ghotaro Kobata ’18,
Secretary: Sunjay Pai ’18,

Yoga Kula
Office: Chase Hall, Room 207.
President: Haley Steinhauser ’17,