Campus Religious Groups

The following religious groups have official standing with the Student Government for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you are part of a tradition that is not represented in this list and you’d like to connect with other students from your tradition, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help!

Baha’i Association
Chair: Matt Gee ’16,

The Bates College BAHÁ’Í Association promotes the unity of mankind and the principles of the Bahá’í Faith such as the need for equal rights and privileges for men and women of all backgrounds, the harmony of science and religion, and the unfettered search after truth. The Association, open to all members of the College community and their families, aims to foster understanding, love, and fellowship in the Bates community through lectures and other public meetings, social gatherings, and service projects.

Catholic Student Community
Office: Chase Hall, Room 216.
Co-President: August Folz ’17,
Co-President: Kevin Franco ’17 (abroad Fall 2015),
Treasurer: vacant
Community Service Coordinator: Rose Snyder ’16,

The Catholic Student Community is the Roman Catholic affiliated organization at Bates College. The group works alongside the College’s Catholic Chaplain in organizing weekly Saturday Mass and other spiritual activities such as prayer/discussion meetings and dinner meetings. The group is also active in the Lewiston community, volunteering with local churches and charitable organizations. Visit our Facebook Page!

Bates Christian Fellowship
Office: Chase Hall, Room 216.
Co-President: Jalen Baker ’16,
Co-President: Thomas Graziano ’16,
Treasurer: James Karsten ’17,
Secretary: Gina Ciobanu ’17,
Community Liaison: Danielle Fournier ’18,

Bates Christian Fellowship is a large and diverse family of students. We strive to grow in love for God and God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and to come to a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and of God’s purposes in the world. There are many small groups that meet weekly for Bible study, discussion, and prayer. Current small groups within “BCF” are… Justified Liturgical Dance Group, the Spanish Bible Study, and Evening Prayer. There are also larger weekly meetings – Worship Wednesdays – for everyone to gather together for worship, sharing and planning. The Fellowship hosts many events throughout the year. Many of them are service opportunities on campus or in the Lewiston community and others are just fun times for the campus to gather and share His Love. Our activities are always open to the entire Bates community – students, faculty and staff. BCF is associated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Christian Science Organization
No officers for 2015-2016

The Christian Science Organization aims to support and encourage a spiritually engaged community at Bates College. It serves as a spiritual resource for all by creating a forum for prayer and discovery with the guidance of Christian Science stories and writings.

Dharma Society
Buddhist meditation room located in Chase Hall.
Co-President: Toby Myers ’16,
Co-President: Tara Das ’16,
Co-Treasurer: Zsofia Duarte ’18,
Co-Treasurer: Olga Revzina ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Samuel Higgins ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Christina Lang ’18,

Dharma Society is an on-campus group that holds meditation sessions and organizes retreats, both on and off campus. We offer 20-minute-long meditation sessions every day Monday-Friday at 4.10pm usually in the Chapel. These sittings are open to absolutely everyone–beginners, advanced practitioners, students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. We also offer 1-hour-long meditation sessions on Sundays at 4pm. These sittings are recommended for people who have had some exposure to meditation even if they are not advanced practitioners. Once a month, we hold meditation retreats either on campus for about 3 hours or off campus (usually in Shortridge) for an entire day. The Dharma Society is a non-religious group and is open to people of all faiths, creeds, backgrounds, etc. People with no experience are encouraged to join–that’s how everyone gets started! Come for one sitting and discover the power of meditation to help you relax and find inner peace.

Co-President: Melissa Carp ’16,
Co-President: Alex Tritell ’16,
Vice President: Leah Permut ’17,
Treasurer: Hannah Singer ’18,
Religious Life Coordinator: Brooke Drabkin ’18,
Community Liaison: Matthew Winter ’18,
Social Coordinator: Hannah Prince ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Rachel Blaustein ’18,
Co-Event Coordinator: Sophie Mortman ’18,

Bates Hillel is an entirely student-run club designed for Jewish students and others interested in Judaism. Hillel offers weekly Shabbat dinners in the Office of Intercultural Education, casual Friday evening services, celebrates all major Jewish holidays, and participate in programs with Temple Shalom in Auburn. All members of the Bates community are welcome to attend Hillel events and programs. Connect with us on facebook!

Photos from Chanukah 2016

Photos from the 2015 Shabbaton

Muslim Student Association (Mushahada Association)
Muslim prayer room located in Chase Hall.
Co-President: Mahad Mohamed ’17,
Co-President: Usman Khan ’16,
Treasurer: Ahmed Sheikh
Secretary: Fatima Saidi ’17,

Mushahada Association (Muslim Students’ Association) is an association of the Muslim students and students interested in the Islamic faith at Bates. Mushahada is an Arabic word and means vision. The club aims at providing appropriate space for religious observances, and increasing awareness of Islam as a religion on the college campus through organizing a diverse range of activities, which also act as a platform for interaction between Muslim students on the campus and the college community as a whole.

Salaam Namaste
Co-President: Brian Colindres ’18,
Co-President: Jose Ruiz ’18,
Treasurer: Ghotaro Kobata ’18,
Secretary: Sunjay Pai ’18,

Salaam Namaste is an organization seeking to promote awareness of South Asian culture at Bates College. With its vibrant culture, bubbling spirit and teeming knowledge, South Asia is a growing attraction in the world and has proven to be of much interest to students from America and the other countries represented at Bates. Founded on the enthusiasm of South Asian students at Bates yearning to share their heritage with their fellow students, this club truly enriches Bates’ multicultural life by organizing cultural events from South Asia such as “Holi” (The World’s Biggest Water Fight) and “Diwali” (The Festival of Lights) and hosting South Asian cooking nights and Bollywood movie nights.

Yoga Kula
Office: Chase Hall, Room 207.
President: Haley Steinhauser ’17,

The Bates Yoga Kula is an organization that hosts free yoga classes open to all Bates students, faculty, and staff. Kula means “community” in Sanskrit, which reflects the organization’s intention to promote the practice of yoga and foster community around it. It hosts weekly classes in various yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kripalu. The Bates Yoga Kula classes can also be used to earn physical education credit. If you are interested in learning more about the Kula check out our Facebook Page! Namaste!