Faculty research are wide-ranging and include work on fiscal and monetary policy in the United States, decentralization in river basins, labor market developments in China, the empirical relationship between urbanization and economic growth, public policy and health, and international finance and trade. Faculty members bring this variety of intellectual interests into their classrooms.

Shatanjaya Dasgupta
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
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Alejandro Dellachiesa
Assistant Professor of Economics
Fields of Interest: International Trade, Energy Economics, and Agricultural Economics.
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Barry M. Farber
Lecturer of Economics
Fields of interest: Entrepreneurship.
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James W. Hughes
Thomas Sowell Professor of Economics
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Lynne Y. Lewis
Professor of Economics
Fields of interest: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics.
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Margaret Maurer-Fazio
Betty Doran Stangle Professor of Applied Economics
Fields of interest: Chinese Economy, Labor, Development.
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Michael P. Murray
Charles Franklin Phillips Professor of Economics
Fields of interest: Urban, Public, Development, Labor, Behavioral and Econometrics.
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George M. Perkins
Lecturer in Economics
Fields of interest: Public Finance, Not-for-Profit organizations, Monetary and Financial Economics.
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Daniel Riera-Crichton – Chair for 2014-2015
Assistant Professor of Economics
Fields of interest: International Finance, Open Macroeconomics, International Trade and Monetary Economics.
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Carl R. Schwinn
Associate Professor of Economics
Fields of interest: Industrial Organization, Antitrust and Regulation, Corporate Finance, Statistics, Econometrics, and Democratically Managed Firms.
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Paul Shea
Assistant Professor of Economics
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Anne D. Williams
Professor Emerita
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