Grants & Scholarships

Grants are gifts that do not need to be repaid and may come from institutional, federal, state or private sources.

Bates Scholarship

Usually the largest component of a need-based financial aid package, Bates scholarships are funded by endowment earnings, the annual operating budget of the college and gifts from alumni parents and friends.

Federal Grants

In addition to Bates scholarship, students with exceptional need may be awarded a Federal Pell Grant or a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG.) Federal Pell Grants are generally awarded to students with federal family contributions equal to or less than $5,157, and award amounts range from $587 to $5,730. Federal Pell grant recipients are given priority for FSEOG awards, which range from $2,000 to $4,000.

State Grants

Students who live in certain states may qualify for scholarships or grants offered through their state higher education authority. Students should consult their high school guidance counselor or state scholarship office for eligibility and deadline information.

Treatment of Federal and State Grants in the Financial Aid Package

If a student receives a federal or state grant that was not included in his or her original financial aid award, the amount received will replace an equal amount of the Bates scholarship; the overall grant will not increase as a result of receiving a federal or state grant.

Outside Scholarships

Bates has a generous outside scholarship policy that rewards students who seek out and apply for these awards, and will not reduce the Bates scholarship in a package unless the combination of scholarship aid from all sources (Bates, federal, state or other) exceeds the student’s calculated cost of attendance. Outside scholarships can be used to reduce the loan and/or work components of a financial aid package or supplement the family contribution. Outside scholarships must be reported to ensure that financial aid awards remain in compliance with federal regulations and can be reported online through the Student Financial Services menu of the Garnet Gateway.

Tuition Benefits Through a Parent’s Employer

Tuition benefits received by an employer are included as components of the family contribution and directly reduce the Bates Scholarship.

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