Tuition and Fees

A Bates education is one of the most worthwhile investments you will make — it will provide you with the tools for a lifetime of learning, engagement, and achievement. Student Financial Services will work with your family to make this important investment affordable.

2021-22 Cost of AttendanceFee/Cost
Direct Costs costs that appear on the billing statement
Single Fee (includes tuition, room, and board) $75,720
Bates Student Health Insurance* $1,996
Total Direct Costs $77,716
Indirect Costs – estimated costs that do not appear on the billing statement
Books and Supplies $900
Travel and Personal Expenses$1,250 – $2,150
Total Indirect Costs$2,150 – $3,050
*for students who elect or are required to enroll in the Bates Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Books, Personal, and Travel Expenses

Books, personal, and travel expenses are estimated expenses that do not appear on the bills, but should be planned for. Typically, these are included in your family’s expected contribution toward costs.

When determining financial aid eligibility, we estimate costs of $2,150 to $3,050 for books, personal and travel expenses for the year, though the actual amount may be more or less, depending upon individual preference.

Fees for Off-Campus Study

Students participating in off-campus study (except those on the Bates Fall Semester Abroad Program) are charged a registration fee of $2,650 for each semester spent away from Bates. This fee is charged by Bates and is separate from fees that may be charged by your off-campus program.

Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled at Bates are required to have health insurance and must provide annual proof of coverage. Students may elect coverage under their own insurance, through their employer or their parents’ policies, or through the Bates Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). The cost of coverage through the SHIP for the full 12 months is $1,996. For students returning to campus for the first time for the Winter semester and enrolling in the SHIP in January, the premium is $1,236.

To ensure that students have adequate coverage, the college requires students to either enroll in or waive out of the Bates SHIP by completing the Health Insurance Enroll – Waive process accessed through the Garnet Gateway and administered by Wellfleet Insurance Group. The Enroll – Waive process for students returning for the fall semester opens in June and closes on August 27. Click on Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) under the To-Do List on the Garnet Gateway to complete this process.

Students who elect the Bates SHIP or are required to enroll in the plan will be billed the cost of the SHIP in September (students returning for the fall semester) or January (students returning for the winter semester.) Students receiving need-based financial aid from Bates may qualify for a full or partial grant subsidy, depending on their Bates-calculated family contribution, to help offset this cost.

Students who take no action and do not complete the mandatory Enroll – Waive process will automatically be enrolled in and charged for the cost of the SHIP – there will be no refunds or reversals of charges.

Additional information about the Bates SHIP is available through the following resources:

How We Can Help

Whether or not you qualify for financial aid, Student Financial Services can be a helpful resource for your family. In addition to need-based financial aid, we offer monthly payment plans and numerous student and parent loan options.

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