The IMStudio is a media installation space for multichannel video projection and audio, created as part of IMPACT21st (Innovation, Media, Process, Arts, Collaboration and Technology for the 21st Century). The IMPACT21st team accepts proposals from students, faculty and staff, and guest artists to install media-driven projects, from one-day events to projects requiring more extensive installation and exhibition time.  This proposal form will guide applicants through the particulars of the space and considerations for proposed projects. 

Please see here for images of the space and room schematics.

Now accepting proposals for Academic Year 24-25 (Sept 1 2024 – May 31 2025)

PRE-PLANNING – Steps to Complete Before Proposal Submission

Site Visit

Before completing this form, please plan a site-visit / walkthrough of the IMStudio with a member of the IMPACT21st team. You can schedule a visit by emailing IMPACT21st@bates.edu.


Bates faculty, staff, and students will eventually have access to funding for technical training, professional development, and project implementation. Details regarding project grants are forthcoming.

Technical Training 

Note that those proposing projects will need to take on a level of technical understanding of the space and will need to perform their own media composition and editing. The IMPACT 21st team is available for consultation, initial training and initial support, but teams will need to be prepared to learn how to use the space on their own.

Proposal Consultation

We recommend that proposal teams schedule a meeting with a member of the IMPACT21st team to discuss your proposal before submitting. You can do this at the same time of your site visit, or you may want to schedule separate meetings. You can schedule a meeting by emailing IMPACT21st@bates.edu.

IMPACT21st Proposal Form

Applicant Information

Please indicate whether you are affiliated with Bates College or proposing a project as a guest artist. Note that we cannot fund travel and housing for those that live outside of the region.(Required)


Is this event timed, open as an installation, or both?(Required)



ROOM LAYOUT: The IMStudio has a flexible media architecture with several default room schematics. Please choose from one of the default room schematics linked in the "ABOUT" section above. If your project requires a different setup, please detail it in the textbox below "OTHER" and upload an image similar to the ones provided for the desired room layout for your project(Required)
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.




This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Thank you for your proposal. For academic year 23-24, the IMPACT21st team will reply within 8 weeks of your submission. After May 2024, the IMPACT 21st team will get back to you by Dec 15 of the same year for the Sept 15 deadline and May 15 of the same year for the March 15 deadline.