2/10/14 Minutes


Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly


In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

February 3, 2014 – 7:00PM | Meeting Room: PGill G65

  1. A.             Announcements
  2. B.             Ratification of Minutes
  3. C.             Public Participation
  4. D.             Officer Reports
  5. Chair (Jacob Barbato ‘15)-
  6. Parliamentarian (Allen Sumrall ‘16)-
  7. Secretary (Cameron Russ ‘14)-
  8. E.              President’s Report  

.               Club Leadership Listserve

-There is a club listserve for presidents and treasurers to write functioning guidelines that will be governed by the ORB to create the Community Liaison position. The RA will have to vote on the allowance of the Community Liaison position

Club Budget Allocation Period

  1. F.              Committee Reports

.               Vice President of Student Clubs (Julian Bardin ‘16)-

  1. Club Constitutions
      1. Club Lacrosse (W)

-committed group, they did not know much about their league and voting requirements. Had little knowledge of storage places, and time

        1. Hip-Hop Dance

-concerned this group was a lot like dynasty. Require no budget. Did not have a logistical conclusion for what they are going to do during the semester.


  1. Vice President of Student Committees (Tenzin Namdol ‘15)-

-COC interviews tonight and will be full Implaced by Tuesday.

-Interviewing for an open position to hire a new swing dean

-The swing dean is someone who switches positions with another dean every two years.


.                  Introduction

  1. Committee on Committees Update
  2. Treasurer (John Stansel ‘15)-

.                  Co-Sponsorships

        1. Bates Christian Fellowship

-Co-sponsorship for Black college ministry conference.       -initial confusion on participants.

-Budget committee approved of a co-sponsorship for $175.

-Brought the total cost down from $655 to $175.

-A conference that focuses on black students, but is open to  other races.

-Conference will help generate ideas as to how to bring African American students into the fellowship


2. Co-sponsorship

-Gospelaires spring benefit concert.

-DJ society/WRBC

-Rave $3600

– Time sensitive because of contracts

– Want to bring Auto-Aortic

-Was in the silo in years past

-$6000 total cost

-WRBC kicked in $3000


-Auto aortic is the performer. He cost $2500 last year.

-Will be held in old commons

-Will be free this year and open to all bates student

-other fees ($150) items that are courtesy to the performer.

Two new members have joined the budget committee.


-Total co-sponsorship of $31,875.29



  1. G.             Member Reports

.               President’s Advisory Committee (Audrey Zafirson ‘16)-

-Meeting with ILS on Wednesday about the wi-fi survey.

-Looking at the past areas where the survey went wrong.

-The Bates daily will have links to 24 hour hotlines, for therapists and other help

-Offer Skype meetings for people with mental health issue.

-Want to make sure these services are there for them.


  1. H.             Old Business
  2. I.               New Business

What is the purpose of the

            –We have tried to make contact with the student but usually falls through

            –We do more behind the scenes work.

            –More bodies to the student government than the RA

            –What should we do to make more of a presence

            –Maybe we should meet so that is their job and come to the RA meetings and write something up in the paper.

            –Send out an announce with the meetings.

            –We should not have to comply to the needs of the people, we do allocate $400,000 to the clubs.

            -people should come in and sit in a committee

-Video tape all meetings and live stream it.

-Anyone can come to this meeting.

-We should use the bates daily to summarize what we do.

-the way we can get people to summarize what we do in a  small paragraph.

-once a month.

            –People do develop a general apathy that do drive

                        –write on the Bates daily so the BCSG is funding this event. Or make sure the audit committee is following BCSG guidelines.

-Create a BCSG facebook page.


  1. J.              Adjournment


Respectfully Submitted,

Jacob A. Barbato ‘15