Social Media Best Practices 101

Before you start that Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter account, take a moment to think about the following best practices.

Be present
Students won’t learn about Bates if we aren’t on the channels where they live. Adapting to new landscapes (e.g. Snapchat, Instagram stories) is the key to success. For your personal accounts, be on the platforms you like best.

Be consistent
If you’re going to be on social, be on social. There’s nothing worse than a dormant account. We’d rather focus on the platforms where we can make an impact than be on every platform with poor execution.

Be available
Social is transforming from a publishing tool to a customer service tool. We are all customer service representatives of the college. We should be responsive to our audience’s questions or concerns.

Be respectful
We represent the Bates brand at all times and we interact with young adults on a daily basis. Be an example of good “social” etiquette to your colleagues and to prospective students.

Keep it short
Your phone is the new personal computer. With the rise of small screens and social media, a new Microsoft study found the average attention span is merely 8 seconds (the goldfish’s is 9).

Keep content varied
If you can, you should always attach media (photo, video, or GIF). Always mix content in your feed so it alternates between photos, videos, text and GIFs.

Share emotional reactions to content and have fun!
Don’t report. React.
Have fun. Help students see Bates through your eyes.