What to Expect:

First Meeting – Initial Assessment

Please plan to come in 20 minutes before your appointment time to fill out confidential initial paperwork, which includes basic demographic information, a questionnaire about your current functioning, and an informed consent. If you do not come in early, you may be asked to reschedule.

The initial assessment is a 30-minute conversation with one of the clinicians at CAPS. Together you will discuss your needs, expectations, and what CAPS can provide. The clinician will work with your schedule and presenting concerns to match you with an appropriate provider. This may or may not be the clinician with whom you initially meet.

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Comprehensive & Confidential Mental Health Care

Bates College recognizes that mental health significantly influences one’s ability to participate fully in the College community.  Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) strives to enhance each student’s well being by providing comprehensive, confidential mental health care and by encouraging informed, individual participation on mental health-related decisions. Counseling is free to all Bates students.  The number of counseling sessions is based on student’s needs. Students and their counselor can decide what is most beneficial and how long to continue. Students wishing to see a counselor in the community may contact CAPS for a list of referrals.  However, students will need to check with their insurance for coverage details regarding outside referrals.

Privacy and Records

Student privacy is of the utmost concern to us when a student receives services at CAPS. Records created and maintained by this department are considered student treatment records and the student’s privacy of such information is governed by federal and state laws.  Unless specifically authorized by law or required by court order, private medical or counseling information and student treatment records will not be shared or released without the consent of the student.

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To Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please contact CAPS at (207) 786-6200 or email CAPS@bates.edu. If you have a preference, you may request a particular clinician.

Emergency Needs

If it is after business hours and you have an urgent need to speak to a counselor, please call (207) 786-6200 and press 0 to be connected to our after-hours crisis counseling service.

If you are concerned about a student’s safety or well-being when CAPS and Health Services are closed, please call Security at extension 6111 or (207) 786-6254.  If you or the student are off campus, please call 911.

Students may also meet confidentially with the Bates SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate). The SAVA may be reached at (207) 753-6996 or by emailing sava@bates.edu.