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CAPS works within a short-term model of care. Students who are desiring or needing longer-term or weekly care are encouraged to either maintain relationships with home providers as state licensing allows, or seek out community resources. Maine-licensed providers can be found through your insurance or various directories such as Bates Thriving Campus that can be found here. CAPS also offers different topic based therapy groups for weekly peer based support. Please read our FAQ / Services Provided carefully.


Psychiatry resources in Maine are limited, including at Bates. We highly recommend that students on psychiatric medication maintain relationships with their current providers, being seen on school breaks if possible. As we are a short-term service, including for psychiatry, we will at some point be referring you to community resources. We do not see students just for stimulant prescriptions and do not do ADHD assessments. Maine-licensed providers can be found through your insurance or online telehealth platforms such as Talkiatry. We encourage you to speak with your current providers about your treatment needs as soon as possible to provide ample time to transition care.

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CAPS offers a stream-lined scheduling approach to provide more access and flexibility in scheduling appointments.  Bates students can use Same-Day access appointments to:

  • meet with a counselor for the first time in an academic year
  • schedule a one-time consultation appointment for a specific concern or need
  • schedule a follow-up appointment with a counselor with whom they have previously worked

Appointments will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and may fill up early during busier times of the semester. See here for crisis intervention resources.

While we do not have formal session limits, we work with each student to come up with a treatment plan that best meets that student’s needs within the available resources at Bates. Some students will benefit from a one-time consultation while others might benefit from intermittent short-term counseling or referred to a confidential therapy group. Frequency of sessions will be a collaborative and flexible agreement between student and their counselor. However, given the high demand for services at Bates it is not uncommon for students to meet every other week with their counselor or be recommended to a therapy group that offers weekly treatment.

Students interested in ongoing weekly therapy throughout the school year may benefit from a referral to an off-campus provider.

Scope of Practice

While CAPS offers an array of mental health services to the Bates student body, there are times when a student’s needs extend beyond the scope of services CAPS can provide.   CAPS reserves the right to refer in the following situations:

  • Students who require more than once weekly individual therapy for an extended period of time.
  • Students who have had extensive treatment in the past and need/expect extensive long-term additional treatment.
  • Students who require excessive utilization of crisis intervention.
  • Students who present a chronic, ongoing risk of harm to self or others, and whose symptoms do not respond to outpatient intervention or require specialized services.  This includes students with a history of multiple hospitalizations, chronic suicidality, homicidality, and/or a history of repeated suicide attempts.
  • Students presenting with a concern or disorder, that requires expertise or resources, not sufficiently available at CAPS.  Examples may include, but not limited to, mandated or court-ordered assessment and treatment, forensic assessments, and extensive treatment for eating disorders.
  • Students who are unable to maintain prolonged periods without treatment (i.e. academic breaks).
  • Students who are non-compliant with treatment, as defined by excessive no-shows, repeated stops and starts to counseling, and/or repeated requests to change providers.
  • Students who demonstrate harassing, menacing, threatening, or violent threats or behaviors toward a member of the CAPS team.
  • CAPS staff are available for a 1x only consultation session for Bates students outside the state of Maine for brief consultation, case management, and support/transition of care appointments via telehealth only.  Due to mental health professional licensing restrictions, CAPS clinicians are not able to offer therapy sessions to Bates students outside the state of Maine.

One Time Consultation

In our efforts to provide quicker access to services for students who need support in problem-solving a specific issue and not necessarily ongoing therapy, we offer a same-day consultation with one of our clinicians. These appointments can help problem solve a specific concern (e.g., advice on roommate or relationship conflict, how to best manage stress, coping skills regarding anxiety, help making a decision) and are designed to be goal-oriented so that you can leave with a set of next steps. If a student wants/needs a follow-up in the future, they can call and request another one-time, same-day consultation or can discuss the potential for a pre-scheduled appointment with the clinician. Appointments are only scheduled for the same day and are first-come, first-served. These are not drop-in appointments.

Individual Counseling

Counseling & Psychological Services offers short-term individual counseling for any Bates student who wants to explore personal concerns one-to-one with a licensed therapist. Concerns vary from coping with the challenges of college life to more severe emotional and interpersonal problems. A variety of therapeutic approaches may be used to help students identify and understand the source(s) of their difficulties. Such insights may then be translated into plans for action and change. For frequently asked questions about individual counseling, click here.

Group Therapy

We’re excited to offer an array of therapy groups. See current offerings here. Groups are an often overlooked and critical arm of college counseling centers due to the simple fact that therapy groups offer high levels of peer support, interpersonal learning, and connection with others in a supportive and confidential setting.

Psychiatric Medication Evaluation and Management

CAPS employs a full-time psychiatric nurse practitioner.  All students interested in psychiatric evaluation or medication management must first meet with a member of the counseling staff for an initial assessment and referral. We do not see students only to manage stimulant medications. Students who are being seen for medication services at CAPS will generally meet periodically with a counselor as well for best practice. Appointments for medication will be prioritized for Bates students currently under the care of CAPS due to capacity limits. Once stabilized, students may be referred out for continuity of care with other providers and to create equity for other students seeking these services at Bates. Students being seen by external therapists are encouraged to request psychiatric referrals from their therapists directly and/or to utilize their existing network through their health insurance.

CAPS does not offer assessments for ADHD or learning disabilities.  We can try to help you find providers in the area that do, or you can contact the Office of Accessible Education for referrals as well.

Crisis Intervention

CAPS strives to be responsive to students’ needs in a timely manner.  Typically, our services are offered on an appointment basis.  However, we are aware that emergencies requiring immediate attention can exist for students and our same-day crisis services are designed to assist these students during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Examples of emergency situations include:

  • You are currently so distressed that you may be unable to keep yourself or others safe.
  • You have a current plan to attempt suicide or to harm someone else.
  • You have recently been physically or sexually assaulted.
  • Someone close to you has died recently.
  • You are having strange experiences such as hearing voices or seeing things that others do not.
  • You have knowledge of another person being abused or assaulted.
  • You have had a severe reaction to a psychiatric medication.
  • You have witnessed a traumatic event within the last few days.
  • You have been unable to attend classes because of severe depression or anxiety.

If you have an urgent concern and need to speak to a counselor after normal business hours, call 207-786-6200 and press “0” to reach ProtoCall

We have a 24/7 mental health hotline called ProtoCall available to Bates students during the academic year. This service is staffed by mental health professionals who have been trained to work with Bates students. Bates CAPS clinicians provide back-up support to ProtoCall Services.

If you are in crisis, you can also CALL 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline


Professional staff often act as consultants in crisis situations, and in making appropriate referrals to other agencies. For example, students, parents, or faculty/staff may consult with a CAPS professional regarding concerns about a Bates student. Such consultations are available by appointment or telephone. CAPS staff regularly serve as consultants to Residence Life and other Student Affairs offices.

Workshops and Outreach

Consultation and outreach services are available to Bates community. CAPS offers developmental and prevention programming through workshops and outreach presentations. Please call 207-786-6200 or email us at to talk with us about an outreach or workshop request.

Referrals to Off-Campus Providers

CAPS staff can work with students to find and help facilitate referral to specialized or intensive treatment off campus or refer students to mental health providers off campus as requested and/or necessary. Click here for more resources, including our tailored referral platform, ThrivingCampus.