Academic Administrative Assistants

Academic Administrative Assistants (AAA’s) provide support to assigned departments and programs; the nature of their work varies according to the needs of those departments and programs.

Academic Administrative Assistants are located across campus in Bonney Science Center, Carnegie Science Hall, Hathorn Hall, Hedge Hall, Olin Arts Center, Pettengill Hall, Pettigrew Hall, and Roger Williams Hall.

AAA’s are responsible for interaction with faculty, staff, students and visitors for the purpose of gathering and distributing information, answering inquiries and establishing a welcoming and effective environment. They assist faculty with materials pertaining to their course work. They also support departments, programs, and committees. They assist in organizing and publicizing special events sponsored by departments and programs. They work closely with both faculty and students to provide a conduit of information for a successful academic setting.


Tobie L. Akerley Gordon

Academic Administrative Assistant
Academic Support Services
Pettengill Hall, Room 353

– Department of Education
– Department of Psychology

Jeanne L. Beliveau

Academic Administrative Assistant
Academic Support Services
Hedge Hall, Room G04A

– Program in Environmental Studies
– Department of Philosophy
– Department of Religious Studies

Daphne C. Comeau

Academic Administrative Assistant – Pettengill 1st Floor
Academic Support Services
Pettengill Hall, Room 125

– Department of Anthropology
– Program in Digital and Computational Studies
– Program in European Studies
– Department of History
– Program in Latin American and Latinx Studies
– Department of Politics

Coyer, Liz

Liz Coyer


Academic Administrative Assistant, Pettigrew Hall & Special Events Manager
Academic Support Services
Pettigrew Hall, Room 208

– Department of Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies
– Department of Theater and Dance
Deschaine, Sylvia M.

Sylvia M. Deschaine

Academic Admin Assist, CSH Building Coordinator
Academic Support Services
Carnegie Science Hall, Room 109

– Department of Biology
– Department of Earth and Climate Sciences
– Department of Physics & Astronomy

Hilary C. Gibson

Academic Administrative Assistant – Museum of Art
Academic Support Services
Olin Arts Center, Room 205

– Bates College Museum of Art
Cutten, Deborah G.

Peter N. Philbin

Academic Administrative Assistant – Hathorn & Pettigrew
Academic Support Services

Hathorn Hall, Room 200

Thomas W. Pinette

Academic Administrative Assistant – Bonney Science Center & Dana Hall
Academic Support Services
Bonney Science Center, Room 181

Matt Von Vogt

Academic Administrative Assistant
Academic Support Services
Pettengill Hall, Room 253

– Program in Africana
– Program in American Studies – Program in Classical and Medieval Studies
– Department of Economics
– Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies
– Department of Sociology

Andrea S. Trumble


Academic Administrative Assistant, Roger Williams
Academic Support Services
Roger Williams Hall, Room 108

– Program in Asian Studies; Chinese and Japanese
– Program in European Studies
– Department of French and Francophone Studies
– Department of German and Russian Studies
– Department of Hispanic Studies

Marisa C. Wickersham

Academic Administrative Assistant – Olin Arts/Olin Building Coordinator
Academic Support Services
Olin Arts Center, Room 205

– Department of Music
– Department of Art and Visual Culture
– Olin Building Coordinator