Ad Hoc Faculty Governance Review Committee

FGRC Charge

Evaluate the logic, clarity, and internal consistency of our faculty governing processes. If deemed necessary, recommend to the Committee on Faculty Governance modifications to our structures and practices.

Goal 1.   

Propose a cohesive statement of the need for and impetus behind faculty governance at Bates College.

Goal 2.  

The FGRC will review the current governance structure and recommend a governance structure that re-imagines our governance work. A new model will support our values in faculty governance, increase equity, and ensure proper representation in decision making. The FGRC will analyze governance models at other institutions and review our current governance model.

Goal 3.

Recommendations to restructure faculty governance at Bates will be aligned with mitigating the identified problems. Interface with external advisor(s) who will provide perspectives from other liberal arts colleges with strong governing practices and will support an inclusive process for governance revision.

We hope you have a relaxing break,

  • Susan Stark (co-chair), Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Don Dearborn (co-chair), Associate Dean and Professor of Biology
  • John Baughman, Associate Professor of Politics
  • Carrie Diaz-Eaton, Associate Professor of Digital and Computational Studies
  • April Hill, Professor of Biology
  • Lynne Lewis, Professor of Economics
  • Mara Tieken, Associate Professor of Education
  • Peter Wong, Professor of Mathematics