Bates Faculty Development Awards

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In AY 2022-23, the Bates Faculty Development Fund awarded $174,095 to 41 faculty working on 43 projects/activities. The average grant to each faculty was $4,246 with the average for each project/activity being $4,048 (both averages rounded to the nearest dollar).


In AY 2021-22, the Bates Faculty Development Fund awarded $177,951 to 40 faculty working on 43 projects/activities. The average grant to each faculty was $4,449 with the average for each project/activity being $4,138 (both averages rounded to the nearest dollar).


In AY 2020-21, the Bates Faculty Development Fund awarded $84,381.50 to 19 faculty working on 20 projects/activities. The average grant to each faculty was $4,441, with the average for each project/activity being $4,219 (both averages were rounded to the nearest dollar).

Ryan Bavis, Biology: Monitoring Body Temperature in Unrestrained Animals with Microchip Transponders

Myron Beasley, American Studies: Remixing and Remembering Malaga

Patti Buck, Education: Restorative Practice Youth Leadership in Lewiston

Todd Carmody, English: Work Requirements: Race, Disability, and the Print Culture of Social Welfare

Katie Dobkowski, Biology: Foundation Species and Their Interactions in a Changing Ocean

Tim Dugan, Theater and Dance: (Re)Immersion Into Craft

Ian Khara Ellasante, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Open Access Publishing Fee for “Radical Sovereignty, Rhetorical Borders, and the Everyday Decolonial Praxis of Indigenous Peoplehood and Two-Spirit Reclamation”

Carla Essenberg, Biology: Publication Fees

Brett Huggett, Biology: Training Course in Dendrochronology at the University of Arizona

Emily Kane, Sociology: Maximum Feasible Participation and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex: A Content Analysis of Community Action Agency Mission Statements

Stephanie Kelley-Romano, Rhetoric, Film and Screen Studies: Women and Addiction

Jiyoung Ko, Politics: Nationalism and Shared Democratic Identity

Hiroya Miura, Music: Virtual Orchestra for Orchestration and Soundtrack Composition

Lillian Nayder, English: Letters of Frederick and Augustus Dickens

Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz, Politics: Return-Migrants, Mayoral Elections, and Criminal Violence

Erica Rand, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Publication of the co-edited volume entitled Leisure, Racism, and National Populist Politics and Travel Funding for Up Against the Cis/Trans Binary

Michael Retelle, Earth and Climate Sciences: Marine Climate Reconstruction from annually resolved Early Holocene Arctica islandica, Svalbard, Norwegian High Arctic

Josh Rubin, Anthropology: Indexing “Animated by Uncertainty” Manuscript

Michael Sargent, Psychology: Race, Politics, and Sports: Replications and Extensions


In AY 2019-20 the Bates Faculty Development Fund awarded $102,034.51 to 32 faculty working on 37 projects/activities. The average grant to each faculty was $3,189, with the average for each project/activity being $2,758 (both averages were rounded to the nearest dollar). 

Jessica Anthony, English: Association of Writers and Writing Programs Travel

Krista Aronson, Psychology: The Diverse Bookfinder: Supporting Bates student research experiences

Myron Beasley, American Studies: Fishing in Cayes-Jacmel: Negotiating Global Warming, Markets, and Identity among a Fishing Cooperative; and Performance, Art, and Politics

Helen Boucher, Psychology: “Other affirmation” as an alternative to self-affirmation: Spending money and meaning

Jonathan Cavallero, Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies: 1990s American Cinema and John Fante

Jane Costlow, Environmental Studies: Subvention funds to support the publishing Heart-Pine Russia: Walking and Writing the Nineteenth-Century Forest in Russian 

Susan Dewsnap, Art and Visual Culture: International Ceramic Residency, Medalta, Alberta, Canada

Alice Doughty, Geology: INQUA conference

Stephen Engel, Politics: Dignity’s Limits

Carolina González Valencia, Art and Visual Culture: The Cleaning Writer-UnionDocs Early Production Labs

Joshua Goodman, Psychology: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Community-Based Peer to Peer Support Program to Promote Supportive Parenting for Parents of Transgender Youth

Meredith Greer, Mathematics: Open Access publishing fee for “Emergence of oscillations in a simple epidemic model with demographic data” 

Rebecca Herzig, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Archival Research for an article on Norman O. Brown

Beverly Johnson, Geology: The Bates Initiative on Climate Adaptation and Resilience 

Jennifer Koviach-Côté, Chemistry and Biochemistry: Travel associated with serving on the Executive Committee of the Carbohydrates Division of the  National American Chemical Society

Lynne Lewis, Economics: Travel associated with serving as a board member for the Association of Environmental and Natural Resource Economists

Jacob Longaker, Politics: Positionality, Intersectionality, and Policy Implementation 

Calvin Mako, Geology: Quantifying the geologic record of strain localization in the Norumbega fault zone, central Maine

Christine MacDowell, Theater and Dance: Autocad training

Trian Nguyen, Art and Visual Culture: Yao Ritual Masks: Meaning and Significance

Therí Pickens, English: Conference attendance and Subvention costs to support copy editing for an issue of the College Language Association Journal, where she served as guest editor

Stephanie Pridgeon, Spanish: Revolutionary Visions and Syncretic Spaces 

Erica Rand, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Hip Checks: Support for Travel and Writing and Indexing for The Small Book of Hip Checks: On Queer Gender, Race, and Writing

Josh Rubin, Anthropology: Deep Clues: The Politics of Video Game Player Research 

Adriana Salerno, Mathematics: Joint Mathematics Meetings

Thomas Sapsford, Classical and Medieval Studies: The Chorus Ancient and Modern, Curriculum Development Trip

Michael Sargent, Psychology: Race, Politics, and Sports

Caroline Shaw, Politics: Beyond Sticks and Stones: The Strange History of Reputation and its Defense in Modern Britain

Asha Tamarisa, Music: ARTIFACT

Nathan Tefft, Economics: Informing Government Policies that Affect Risky Behaviors and Population Health

Kati Vecsey, Theater and Dance: The Post-Communist Condition: 30 Years After the Wall

Peter Wong, Mathematics: Research at the Chennai Mathematical Institute