Policy on Changes to Majors or Minors in Departments and Programs

Because alterations in requirements can have an impact on other departments and programs or on the navigability of the major, significant changes in major or minor requirements are reviewed by the Academic Affairs Council to assess their impact and to insure the consistency of educational policies.  Further, restructuring majors or minors may require the registrar’s office to consult multiple catalogs to confirm graduation requirements are met, so alerting the CRC to these changes is important for certification of majors.

The types of changes in major or minor requirements listed below (examples):

  1. significant departure from the legislated guidelines in course numbering;
  2. elimination or significant  revision of W2 requirements;
  3. elimination or significant revision of capstone;
  4. change in the number of courses required for the major or minor;
  5. requiring courses outside departmental or program offerings or elimination of such requirements; or
  6. significant restructuring of the requirements of the major or minor;

require review and approval by the AAC and notification to the CRC.

Submitting Major and Minor changes:

  • Significant changes to majors and minors must be made by March 15 for the next academic year.
  • Each proposed change must include a justification for why it is being proposed.
  • Proposed changes must be made in consultation with the appropriate division chair.

Use the form below to submit your proposed changes:

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY


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