Researcher Reporting Requirements

In order to assess the value of our summer research programs, make improvements to them and secure further funding to support them, it is critical that the Dean of the Faculty’s Office secure specific feedback on each summer research project from each participant. We excerpt the reports for our own reporting to donors.


What Do We Need from You?  For faculty-student research projects funded through the Dean of the Faculty’s Office, we need a report from both the student researcher(s) and the faculty researcher. In addition, we need an abstract of the work completed.


When Do We Need the Information?  We need all abstracts and reports submitted within 2 weeks of the completion of the project (i.e., the last day of the student’s contract). We recommend that you spend time during the last week of the project to compile the report. We require timely submission of the reports because of our own reporting requirements to our funding agencies.


Abstract. The student or students in the research team should prepare a 100- to 150-word abstract summarizing the research question, the methodology, and the results of the research. The abstract must be reviewed by the faculty research director and approved before submission to the Dean of the Faculty. The faculty should add a statement to the end of the abstract stating his or her approval. Do not use the abstract originally submitted by the faculty researcher in his or her proposal; report on what you actually did.


Student Report. Each student on the project should submit a separate report of 500 words or less addressing the following questions:

 1.) What were the significant findings of the research?

 2.) Did you actually conduct original research? Do you now know more about your research topic then you knew before?

 3.) Did your understanding of the material under investigation change as a result of this research experience?

 4.) How did your summer research experience compare to your previous academic experience in the discipline under study?

 5.) Are you continuing this research in a thesis, independent study, paid assistantship, or work next summer?


Faculty Report. The faculty research director should submit one report assessing the work of the student or students on the project, addressing these questions:

 1.) Was progress made on your research?

 2.) Please assess the contribution of each student to the project.

 3.) Do you anticipate that you and/or the student(s) will present the research at a scholarly meeting or publish the work?

Submission of Approved Abstract and Reports. Please submit the abstract and all reports ELECTRONICALLY by sending Word attachments or pdf files to Ali Keegan ( in the Dean of the Faculty’s Office. Any future grants are contingent upon these reports.