Transforming Curricula and Pedagogy in the Humanities, Humanistic Social Sciences, and Related Interdisciplinary Programs

With a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we will pursue strategies at multiple levels to create a 21st century curriculum in the humanities and humanistic social sciences and increase faculty capacity to teach and mentor a diverse student population.  Our goal is to reflect in substance and approach Bates’ long-standing, but less than fully realized, commitment to equity and inclusion as defining elements of an excellent liberal arts education  The work supported by this grant is part of a larger institutional effort to build capacity within our faculty to create a culture of academic excellence that: supports all students for success; enables all students to see themselves and their aspirations in what is taught at Bates; and ensures that all students who graduate from the college are educated on issues of inclusion, cultural pluralism, diversity, power, and social justice.

The Committee and its Charge: Information about the committee membership, and a description of what it is charged to do.

Common Resistances: A list of commonly seen resistances heard from faculty engaging in curricular transformation related to equity and inclusion.