Snaggletooth Magazine

snaggletooth magazine is the only literary arts journal run by and serving the Bates College community in Lewiston, Maine. Founded in January 2018 by two underclassmen with the generous support of WRBC (Bates College Radio), snaggletooth is a student led written arts project for and by the community. Bound to no theme, format, genre, or medium, our goal is to showcase and celebrate student writers and artists and to revel in the unsettling, the impolitic, the peculiar, and the particular. snaggletooth magazine is an outlet for these forces of the written word, and the image of the snaggletooth serves to represent this — a sharp, tough, unbalanced, and deeply organic thing that asserts its presence by jutting out against the grain.

Many thanks to our dedicated staff, workshop participants, and contributors. To view the magazine click here.