Study Abroad Testimonials

With friends and General Course Dean at the LSE General Course Ball (Photo: Jaden Witte-Schrock)

Jaden Witte-Schrock (’24) on opportunities to learn Russian in London

Even a year later, I still speak regularly with the students who I studied Russian with at LSE and consider them to be some of the best friends that I’ve had.

Oo Meh (’23): “I was easily able to feel at home in Vienna”

Studying abroad taught me to be more responsible for myself and to find things that make it feel like home when in a new location. Fortunately, I was easily able to feel at home in Vienna. So far, Vienna is the loveliest city I know, and I have been dreaming of my next visit.

Christie Fatica (’20): “I Almost Gave Up but I Was Fine!”

When I returned to Berlin, I was home. I took a taxi from Tegel Airport to where I was living and I remember thinking to myself ‘thank goodness I’m back. I missed Berlin.’

Elliott Vahey (’23) on discovering exciting places in Berlin

There are three main things that make Berlin a remarkable city to live in: access to green spaces, cultural/historical engagement opportunities, and ease of travel.  I loved wandering around on foot or bike and discovering hole-in-the-wall places to eat.

Julia Gutterman (’20) on living in Berlin-Schöneberg

I came to really love my neighborhood, along with having fun visiting friends on my program who lived in other districts spread throughout Berlin.

Matthew Bodwell (’18) on his Fall semester in Freiburg

I was privileged to spend the fall 2016 semester of my junior year studying abroad in Freiburg. One can enjoy both the city life and the great outdoors with ease in the same day – and I soon learned how that made this place so special.

Matthew drinking a Großer Brauner and sampling cake at Café Central, Vienna. Photo: Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson (’18) on being the only Bates student in Austria

Austria was a fairy-tale dream, and I do not exaggerate when I say my time in Vienna was the best time of my life. I encountered so many wonderful and meaningful people who have completely changed the way I perceive the world.

Teufelsberg, Berlin. (Photo: Greg Fitzgerald)

Greg Fitzgerald (’17) on a May evening in Berlin

While abroad in Berlin during my junior year, I met a plethora of fascinating people, learned so much about Germany’s history and culture, and made some of my favorite memories to date.

Praneet Kang (’17) on the 2015 FSA in Berlin

Going abroad on FSA can be amazing in the sense that you always have people to fall back on; that piece of Bates that brings comfort with you when you are thrown into a place that is not yours.

Onkel Toms Hütte (Photo: Holly Bushman)

Holly Bushman (’16) on the 2015 FSA in Berlin

The magic of Berlin, and the magic of the FSA, was equally serendipitous. I’m incredibly grateful to the FSA faculty for pushing me to see the world differently, and I’ll be making my way back to Berlin for the rest of my life.

Biking in Alsace, France. Photo: Eric Adamson

Eric Adamson (’15) on his experiences in Freiburg, Germany

Riding the Straßenbahn (streetcar) to the end of each line, exploring the edges and different neighborhoods of Freiburg. . . Drinking Glühwein at the Christmas Market on a cold day between classes . . . Grilling on the balcony of my dorm with my roommates . . .

My IES friend and I at Neuschwanstein for an IES class trip (Photo: Ashley Braunthal)

Ashley Braunthal (’15) about learning German at Bates and beyond

When I got back to Bates the following school year I was so fond of the department and abroad experience that I decided to switch my German minor to a major.

Jackson Emanuel ’15, a biochemistry major from Lakewood, Colorado, was awarded a 2015-16 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship for Poland. (Photo: Josh Kuckens/Bates College)

Jackson Emanuel (’15) on learning Russian

Of all the enjoyable courses I took at Bates, Russian was my favorite. Although I didn’t begin Russian until senior year, it remains a defining aspect of my time at Bates and one of the things I miss most about college. . . .  The Russian program at Bates is truly a hidden gem that I wish more students knew about.

Northern Cliffs of Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal

Mark Andrews (’09) on travel and study in Russia

I had this image of Moscow as a big industrial and very stark city and the people as more standoffish and cold. Both preconceptions were completely false. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city is, and how warm and fun the people are.

Icon restoration with master

Sarah Rorimer (’03) on teaching English in Russia

After an excellent semester of studying Russian language, culture, arts and history with Professor Costlow and Professor James Parakilas, I came back to Bates and signed up as a Russian Studies major.