Dunn House Meeting Room Space

The Dunn House meeting area consists of the kitchen and dining room (Lindholm Room). When hosting a meeting in this space, please note that the space has room for a maximum of 14 guests. Meetings will not be scheduled before 8:00am or beyond 6:00pm.

  • Use of the meeting area is $25.00 for up to four hours and $50.00 after four hours each day. The meeting area must be reserved if you plan on having a gathering/meeting in the house, even if your meeting includes a guest already staying in the house.
  • The meeting area does not include the living room (Harward Room). If you would like to use the living room, please inquire if this is possible when requesting the space. The Harward Room requires approval based on a number of factors. You may discuss this with Michelle Lewis when making a meeting room reservation.
  • The bathroom for those using the meeting space is located at the end of the hallway in the main foyer (off of the living room).
  • There is no custodial service at the conclusion of meetings as there would be in areas such as Commons. Therefore, it is imperative that the group pick up the area after the meeting. This will help in keeping the area clean for the overnight guests.

***Special Note About Meetings and Guests***
All guests at the Dunn House have full reign of the house while they are staying there. This means guests may need to travel through the Dining Room to gain access to the kitchen. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your meeting will not have any interruptions from other guests. We will, however, alert all guests that a meeting is occurring and to be mindful of that, if possible. We ask that you return the favor and be mindful of other guests.

To reserve the Meeting Room, email guesthousing@groups.bates.edu. It is college policy that NO cash, credit card or checks will be accepted for any reservation. All reservations must be charged to a specific internal account number.