Guest Housing Restrictions and Smoking Policy


NO ANIMALS are permitted. Only animals assisting visually impaired guests will be permitted (please notify Michelle Lewis of this situation when making the request for a reservation).

Students (and children) must be accompanied by an adult.

College Smoking Policy

NO SMOKING is allowed in the buildings. Please inform your guest(s). Excerpts from the Bates College Smoking Policy are listed below:

  • Smoking, the burning of any type of pipe, cigar, cigarette, or similar product, and chewing tobacco are prohibited in all campus buildings, including residence halls, and in all vehicles owned, leased or rented by the college. Smoking is also prohibited within 50 feet, approximately 20 paces, of all campus buildings, including residence halls.
  • Organizers and attendees at public events using Bates facilities, such as conferences, meetings, lectures, athletic games or social and cultural gatherings, will be required to abide by the college’s Smoking Policy. Organizers of such events are responsible for communicating and enforcing this policy.