VIP Suites Apartment Policies & Procedures

Please Note: all individuals making reservations will be required to verify the vaccination status of their guest(s).

Check In/Check Out Times

  • Check-in is after 2:00 pm on the guest arrival date.
  • Check-out is no later than 11:00 am on the guest departure date. Please note that it is absolutely essential that all guests check out no later than the designated time. Should your guest have business on campus throughout the day of departure, please remind them that they must check out of the apartment by 11:00am.

If guests do not check-out by the designated time, their belongings will be moved out of the apartment in order to prepare for incoming guests and the sponsoring department may be assessed another night’s fee. Belongings moved out of an apartment after check-out time will be placed in an unsecured area and the college will NOT be responsible for theft or damage resulting from this move. We will make every attempt to contact the sponsor and inform them of the situation.

Apartment Keys

Persons hosting a guest must pick up the keys for the guest and make arrangements on how the guest will get the keys. Keys must be picked up at the Access Control Office located in the Campus Safety building at 245 College Street between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday (please note that this office is not open on weekends or holidays). Keys will be handed out the day the guest is scheduled to arrive – with the exception of weekends and holidays. Individuals with guests arriving on Saturday or Sunday can pick up the keys on the prior Friday. Those with guests arriving on a holiday can pick up the key on the last day of regular business hours prior to the holiday closure (i.e., if the holiday falls on a Wednesday, keys will be available on Tuesday). Please observe check-in time. If you have picked up your key prior to 2:00pm, please do not enter the apartment until after 2:00pm (we use the time between 11:00am and 2:00pm to clean the apartment for the new guests). We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Note: Campus Safety is not responsible for letting guests into the apartment. The host (or a designee) is responsible for key pick up and key distribution to the guest.

Meals and Food

The VIP Suite Apartment does not have a full kitchen. Snack foods such as bagels, cream cheese, jam, coffee, tea, soda, juice and water are provided. Dining passes to Commons and the Den are available to guests staying at the apartment. The cost will be charged to the sponsoring department. Please contact Jenny Graves at ext. 8281 or by email at for information and please copy Cheryl Lacey – Catering does not deliver individual meals to guests.

Housekeeping and Toiletries

The apartment will be cleaned after the departure of the guest. There is no daily service, such as beds being made and fresh towels being delivered. Guests staying for 2 weeks will have custodial service on the Friday of their first week. The custodians will refresh the towels and bed linens. Long-term guests (those staying beyond 2 weeks) will have to clean and maintain the apartment during their stay. This includes putting out the trash on the appropriate day when the City of Lewiston picks up in this area. Please reach out to your host for any questions about this.

Each apartment contains 1 bathroom. There is a hairdryer and a small-sized bottle of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for the guest to use, if needed in each bathroom.


Guests may park their vehicles in the apartment driveway. The apartment driveway is located to the left of the building as you are standing on the road looking at the building. If a guest is parking in the driveway, we ask that he/she park in such a way as to allow space for a second vehicle. Please refer to the parking diagram located here for further information.

Please Note: If guests are traveling with their own vehicles and are staying on campus beyond the check-out time, they will need to move their vehicles from the driveway by 11:00 am (check-out time). There are visitor parking spots designated on campus that they can move their cars to. We ask all guests to adhere to these policies so that new guests arriving will be able to access the apartment on time and also have the ability to park in the driveway upon their arrival.


The apartment has wireless capabilities. To access wireless internet, please refer to the Wireless Connectivity Instructions that are located in the fact sheet you receive when you booked the apartment or click here