Class of 1996

Class Secretary: Mary Moss Brown, Apt. 206, 1274 5th Ave., New York, NY 100029,

Class President: Sarah Ayesha Farag-Davis, 25 Houghton St., Auburn, ME 04210,

Next Reunion in 2006. Got news? Tap out a note to! Kathleen Bowes is in her fourth year of medical school at Drexel University College of Medicine, entering the match for a pediatrics residency. “Approaching graduation in 1996, I realized that my dream was to become a physician. I enrolled at UMO in a two-year premed post-baccalaureate program, then applied and was accepted to medical school. I also worked summers as a sea-kayaking guide and spent a year working in a psychiatric hospital in Maine. I am still mountain biking as much as possible and painting a little.”… Jo Ann Darling reported in the College’s anthropology department newsletter: “As a nontraditional student, I received my degree in anthropology at the end of my life, rather than at the beginning. So I will not tell you that the anthropology degree opened new doors to a promising corporate position, a spot in academia, or even in a non-profit organization. But if not doors, windows — windows to an understanding of cultural institutions, such as capitalism, Freudian psychoanalysis, religion, and sexual taboos, with which I lived and worked for 40 years, and which helped to place women in subservient positions with limited potential. Since graduation, I have left my former employment and have taken some time Ôto live the life of the mind,’ a period of personal contemplation and reassessment. As a result of these studies, I have recently been facilitating classes and consulting on the application of one of these ancient systems, Feng Shui.”… Erika Lilja, V.M.D. in hand, is working at the Chicago Cat Clinic on the Northwest Side and living in a Swedish neighborhood of the city. “I finally have time to ‘have a life’ and started a Swedish language class in my neighborhood with hopes of visiting distant relatives in Sweden someday.”… Rebecca Pierce-Rall was recognized by the Switzer Foundation with an environmental fellowship for her master’s degree studies in wildlife management at Humbolt State Univ. She is one of 19 students nationwide to receive this fellowship. She is studying Swainson’s thrush to try to understand why its numbers are declining…. Molly Walsh has moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where she teaches high school yearbook and coaches softball. Molly, Brook Mullens ’95, and daughter Isabel enjoy spending time in the mountains together…. Ruby Shamir is one of three people editing Hillary Clinton’s memoirs. She works for Sen. Clinton and does research from the senator’s home…. Sebastian Sosman completed his master’s degree and Foreign Service preparation in September. He is stationed in Afghanistan for the next four months to a year, as part of a peace studies service initiative.