Class of 1997

Class Secretary: Sharleen Joy Davis, Apt. 505, 4500 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008,

Class President: Lawrence J. Ackerman, 81 Orange Dr., Jericho, NY 11753,

Next Reunion in 2007. Got news? Tap out a note to! Christy Ballantyne lives in Somerville, Mass., and continues to teach second grade at Shady Hill School in Cambridge…. Sarah Bonkovsky is a second-year resident in Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston…. Also in Boston, Audrey Chen works at Fidelity Investment’s mutual fund wrap program as an investment communications product manager and is saving up for a big trip to South Africa…. John Nathan Cole is in his third year studying law at Boston College. He also plays a lot of fantasy baseball. “Hopefully my hard work will pay off,” he says, “and I can work my way into first (I’m currently in second).”… Susan Cole writes: “I recently made a great career move. I am no longer working as a clinician, but as a recruitment specialist for Clinical One. I place traveling healthcare professionals all over the United States — which means free travel.”… Pat Cosquer now lives in Rhode Island after almost four years of living in Chicago. He enjoys helping school groups and youth organizations raise money with Great American Opportunities Inc. and in his spare time volunteers with Squashbusters, an organization that teaches inner city Boston kids the game of squash…. Heather Davies will be starting law school at American University in Washington, D.C…. Sharleen Davis just finished an internship at the Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School, a place that provides free legal services for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. She’s back in Washington, D.C., for her second year at Georgetown Law, and an internship at the U.S. Attorney’s office…. Daniela De Luca MacDonald eloped on July 19, 2002, with Matthew MacDonald, “shocking both our families and friends. They have since recovered and are very happy for us.” They live in Bedford, N.H…. Susan Detwiler teaches fourth grade in a public school in downtown Manhattan. After years of all sorts of teaching in nontraditional classrooms (the Redwoods of California and violence prevention programs), she looked forward to being in a classroom…. Julie Draper has finished graduate school at Antioch New England. She used the clout of her master’s in education to substitute teach (grades KÐ2) for a few months. She now works for the Children’s Museum of Maine as their education coordinator. She and Jason Perkins just bought a house in Windham, Maine. “Horseshoes and croquet for all!” she offers…. Cathy Eaton was enrolled in a M.S. in e-media program at Quinnipiac. “I became interested in electronic multimedia at my first job out of Bates,” she writes…. Kimmochi Eguchi was looking forward to parties for alumni in Tokyo, “one for Colby-Bowdoin-Bates in September, and one in November. There may be a party for the NESCAC colleges sometime in the near future as well. If anyone is coming to the Tokyo area, please check those events either on the alumni relations Web site or with me, since I volunteer for such events.” She also notes that the English transliteration of her first name is now Kimmochi, pronounced the same as Kinmochi…. Jennifer Felton completed her master’s in English at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. She’s still teaching high school English in Cherry Hill, N.J. “Another year and I hope to return to New England,” she says…. Karma Foley writes: “For the past five years I’ve been living in Boston and working with documentary filmmaker John Marshall on his five-part film series, A Kalahari Family. The series tells the story of a family of Ju/’hoansi (one of the groups of San, or !Kung, Bushmen) from 1950 to the present. The series premiered in New York at the American Museum of Natural History as part of the Margaret Mead Film Festival. We’re now working to get the series broadcast on television internationally.”… Jason Gifford started an M.B.A. program at Babson in August…. Fred Goldman has started an internal medicine residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston…. Chris and Leah Wiedmann Gailey both enjoy their work: Leah is an assistant director of alumni relations at Bates, and Chris is a merchandiser in men’s sportswear at L.L. Bean in Freeport…. Jill Glazewski will receive her M.D. in December from Flinders Univ. of South Australia. She’ll remain in Australia for a year in order to get registered to practice medicine there…. Katie Gould is the manager for the U.S. Nordic Ski Team in Park City, Utah…. Sarah Stoddard-Gunn and Greg Stoddard ’98 turned their June 1, 2002, wedding into a mini Bates reunion with 27 Bates friends attending. She has started graduate studies in social work at Boston College while continuing to work part-time…. Dina Hanna is a senior diplomatic liaison for the City of New York’s Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps and Protocol…. Aaron Hewitt says he’s just trying to make it through his final year in law school. He just learned that American Univ. has an eagle as its mascot and, as he rode the subway, found himself wondering which would win in a fight if they met one day atop Mount David — bobcat or eagle?… Richard Holley is on a six-month pro bono externship with the Washington (D.C.) Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, where he’s practicing civil rights and employment law. He’ll resume his financial services in January…. Will Innis is starting his third year of medical school at Johns Hopkins, working hard, and receiving “oodles of support” from Anne, who works at the Smithsonian while earning her doctorate…. Sarah Kane graduated from University College, Dublin, Ireland, in November 2001 with a master’s in European economic and public affairs. She’s now in Washington, D.C., and thinking about getting a job…. Kristin Kilbourne started M.B.A. studies at Tuck this fall. She’ll be joining Reese Madden ’93 (Tuck ’04) and Jonathan White ’97 (Tuck ’03)… Ingrid P. Larson is a captain in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Fairchild AFB, where she is the legal chief of claims and legal-medical consultant. “Met the love of my life out here — a native of Washington and a pilot.” She just successfully tried her first court martial…. Marney MacDougall left her native New England to live in Chicago and is looking for a medical social work position. She is happy to write that she is getting married next March to a teacher named Bill…. Colleen Matlen Ippolito is leaving teaching after four years to pursue a degree in culinary arts in Portland. Jamie ’96 will be applying to law school in fall 2003, also in Portland…. Vera Mihalcik began a master’s program in secondary science education this summer, and continues to teach high school math. She and her partner are planning their commitment ceremony for August 2003…. Willis Nessle started work in December 2001 doing part-time work with Anne Bourdon at City Carshare, a non-profit car sharing organization in San Francisco. “Very cool,” he says. He added another part-time job doing advanced emissions control R&D for Cumming Diesel Engines. He says S.F. is a great place to be, “with beautiful countryside just over the Golden Gate Bridge, tons of white-water kayaking on amazing rivers and creeks, great mountain-biking not too far away.”… Melissa Niles lives in Salem, Mass., and is a nurse at Beth Israel Hospital…. Heather Russo gave up her teaching job at the Block Island (R.I.) S
chool and opened Block Island Fitness in June 2001. “Although I am not keeping in touch with all my friends from Bates, I miss them!” she adds…. Corey Scrupps is vice president of client services for New England Schooner Inc. She ran her first Boston Marathon in a “very respectable time” last April. “This is by far my greatest physical accomplishment to date.”… Rebecca Shankman writes, “I got my J.D. from American Univ. in May, and will be clerking for a judge doing domestic relations and neglect work in Washington, D.C., for the next year.”… Erica Smith works at the anti-hunger agency Project Bread — The Walk for Hunger Inc. “About two years ago, I switched to my current position, office and technology manager. Project Bread has been a wonderful place to work, but I am looking into graduate school. I’m most interested in the Central European Univ. in Budapest and I’ve been keeping up with both my Hungarian and my Indonesian.”… While continuing to work as a social worker, Laura Joann Ward works as a personal trainer as well. She spent most of the summer training and competing for the triathlon season…. Nicole Woodson has moved to Kingston, R.I., where she works at the Institute for International Sport (founded and directed by Dan Doyle ’72). She coordinates and designs youth development programs in Rhode Island, the United States, and abroad. The programs combine athletics, fine arts, and culture.