Class of 1991

Class Secretary: Megan Falk Pickette, 8 Mile Dr., Chester, NJ 07930,

Class President: Sharon Hartnett Hall, 1 Whitman Dr., Chatham, NJ 07928,

Next Reunion in 2006. Got news? Tap out a note to! Pam Batchelder Johnson writes: “Our family spent time in New Hampshire with my parents this summer, and Bill Myers and his family came over and spent the night. Bo learned how to say ‘Yup’ while in New Hampshire, which gave me hope that there’s a little Yankee in him! I have added yet another church newsletter to my portfolio — that makes three! (Who knew there was a market out there for church newsletter desktop publishers?)” She says these are great jobs because she can work from home but also attend adult meetings occasionally…. Bill and Carolyn Betz Kerr got to pick the date of birth for their second son, Putnam Jordan, since it was a planned delivery: 02-02-02. Three-year-old Jack seems to be enjoying his role as big brother. Living in Arlington, Va., is fine, but they are seriously considering a move back north in the future…. After three years in Miami, Stephen Cassell transferred with American Express to Mexico City. He is now the head of new product development and alliances. He enjoys exploring not only the city but also the entire country. He expects to be there for several years, and has a huge apartment with lots of extra bedrooms for any Bates visitors who might want to drop by…. Katherine Chaitin Pineo works in the Chicago suburbs with a group practice as a psychologist. She works three days and really enjoys it. The rest of the time she is home with her daughter, Kaelyn, who just turned 5. She had a chance to explore the Bates campus this past summer and loved seeing all the new buildings. She reports that she noticed that the trees take up much more space on the quad than they used to and that made her feel old…. Jennifer Parmalee Huddleston manages her family’s golf business, but confesses she’d rather be throwing more pottery, rock climbing, spinning, knitting, or spending time with Matthew ’90 and their two daughters…. Megan Falk Pickette continues to live in Chester, N.J., with husband Jim ’89 and her son Owen (2). She is primarily a full-time mom but does some marketing research consulting for her old company on the side…. Patricia McCracken Osmon is living in the Seattle area with her husband Erik and three children, Hallie (4), Lars (4) and Ava (3 months). She works as a physical therapist in the 6250th U.S. Army Hospital, an Army Reserve hospital unit…. Martina Todd Richards continues to live on Nantucket with her husband and daughter, Camille. She is a nurse practitioner and her husband is the high school principal…. Matt Spencer reports a new job as director of public relations for a tech company in northern Virginia. He and Tracy (Talbot), continue to live in Maryland with their two children, Sam and Abigail…. Katie Tibbetts Morello has recently moved to Gainesville, Va., with her family…. Steven Tobias has retired from the music industry and is finishing his Ph.D. in English at the Univ. of Washington, Seattle. His recollections about life as a member of MC Hammer’s posse, Armed with Hammer, will be published by Harcourt Trade Publishers.