Class of 1955

Class Secretary: Joan Davidson Christenson, 148 Parker St., Newton Centre, MA 02459-2553

Class President: Edward K. Ward, Briar Ledge, PO Box 39, Bailey Island, ME 04003;

Next Reunion in 2005. Got news? Tap out a note to! A valiant group of Bates ’55 graduates who, during their Bates years, made the arduous trek from their homes in Lewiston and Auburn to the campus, gathered on the shores of Lower Narrows Pond at Winthrop on July 11 for a most enjoyable “mini-reunion.” This was the third such mini-reunion, an event that promises to become a Bates tradition in its own right. Those in attendance included hosts Robert and Marlene Haskell Hefferman, Jodie Smith Lord, Merton Ricker, Madeleine Beaulieu, Martha Geilear-Field and her partner, Reginal Littlefield, and Charles Ridley and his wife, Kyoko. It was an afternoon of delicious food and delightful conversation. They all neglected to bring along their pipes and no fire was lit in the fireplace, so while they could not light “our pipes and watch the glowing grates,” they most certainly “dreamt of dear old Bates.”