Bates and You

Lauren DuBois '04.

Teaching is what I’ve always wanted to do. You have the opportunity to change kids’ lives and help them in ways that not everyone can. I’ve recognized the qualities of my best teachers at Bates, and as a student teacher, I learned that each day you have to come in with lots of energy, project your enthusiasm for the subject,and the kids will give it back to you.

So being at Bates has given me a lot more confidence in myself. I am so happy that this was the decision I made, and Bates financial aid enabled me to come here.

A native of Beverly, Mass., Lauren DuBois ’04 was a three-year recipient of the Mary Sidney Staudenmayer Treyz ’57 Scholarship, which supports history majors. An outstanding scholar athlete,Lauren earned honors in history, had a secondary concentration in education, and ended her four years in women’s basketball as co-captain in possession of several Batesshooting records.