Scene Again

From left: Richard Patridge '73, Mary Griffin, '73, Johanna Smith Bazzolo '73, Anne Baker Lewis '73, Geri FitzGerald '75, John Carrafa '76.

They don’t recall posing for this 1973 Modern Dance Company publicity photo, nor do they remember which production it was.

Richard Partridge ’73 (left) thinks it was an Alvin Ailey-inspired piece. MaryGriffin ’73 (second from left) wonders if it’s from the dance inspired by Jonathan Livington Seagull and choreographed by John Carrafa ’76 (far right). “Thus the arms,” she says. “But the costumes aren’t right.”

Johanna Smith Bazzolo ’73 (third from left) recalls what she might’ve been thinking: “Not to lose sight of Mary, who always remembered what to do.” Anne Baker Lewis ’73 (front) says she was likely “wondering how long I was going to have to hold the pose” for the camera. Geri FitzGerald ’75 (second from right) admits being “blurry” on the details.

So their Bates dance memories are fading, right? Hardly. Our memories evolve from literal recollections into an eternal, internal poetry, at least by Wordsworth’s definition of poetry as “powerful feelings … recollected intranquility.”

A title might fade from memory, but emotions — in this case, alumni emotions surrounding Bates dance — are colorfast.

To this day, Bazzolo says, “When I am struck by something beautiful, or am immensely happy, I find myself dancing — in my mind, at least!”

“The sheer joy and excitement of those years, and my gratitude to Marcy Plavin, will always be with me,” Partridge says. Adds FitzGerald:”She found a place in dance for all of us.”

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