The Huffington Post interviews Ru Seneviratne Freeman '94 about her debut novel

Ru Seneviratne Freeman ’94, a political science major at Bates, was interviewed by The Huffington Post about her debut novel, A Disobedient Girl (Simon & Schuster), which tells of the intersecting lives of two Sri Lankan women who grow up in the same family. Latha is an orphan absorbed as a servant into a Sri Lankan family, and Thara is the family’s spoiled daughter. In her summary, reviewer Naazish YarKhan writes that at age 15, Latha “rebels against being sentenced to a life of servitude, [and] breaks Thara’s heart and sets in motion a chain of deceit, despair, anger and irreconcilable hurt.” YarKhan describes the book as “sad, so sad” yet with “honesty of feelings and thoughts that streamed across its pages.” (View story.)

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