H1N1 Update for Oct. 27

To: The Bates Community
From: Christy Tisdale, director of health services, and Tedd Goundie, dean of students
Date: Oct. 27, 2009

Dear Members of the Bates Community,

Our reported cases of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) have slowed considerably.  During the peak of the outbreak 97 new cases were reported over a two-day period.  Since having seven new cases reported on Oct. 20, the day before the fall recess, we have had only four new cases reported from Oct. 21 through today, Oct. 27.  Our total number of cases of ILI reported since the start of classes this semester is 271, including the 27 cases reported prior to our first confirmed positive case on Oct. 8.

To date we have vaccinated 999 students with either the nasal spray or injectable vaccine.  Therefore of our total number of 1,714 students on campus this fall, we can presume 1,270 of them now have some degree of immunity, either from having the illness or from receiving the vaccine.  There are only three students currently ill and isolated, with two of them staying home to recuperate after exhibiting symptoms during the break and the third self-isolated on campus; all other students who reported ILI this semester have recovered and are out of isolation.

We anticipate receiving another shipment of the nasal-spray vaccine for students in the coming weeks, and encourage any student who has not yet received the vaccine to get it.  When the shipment arrives, we will notify you of when and where the vaccines will be administered.

The Health Center will continue with its daytime-only hours through this week, and will resume its normal 24-hour service beginning Saturday, Oct. 31.

Again we thank all who contributed to managing this outbreak, and encourage everyone to continue frequent hand washing, coughing and sneezing into sleeves or tissues, and reporting to the Health Center if you experience flu-like symptoms.

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