Video: Garrand '79 analyzes TV ads in Maine's 2nd Congressional race

Maine Public Broadcasting’s Morning Edition radio program invited Brenda Garrand ’79, president of the Garrand communications firm, and fellow ad exec Sam Surprise to analyze the strategy and aesthetics of ads in Maine’s various political races. On Oct. 13, they looked at two ads from the 2nd Congressional District race between incumbent Democrat Mike Michaud and Republican challenger Jason Levesque.

The pair first analyzed a Michaud ad, below, about his support for Maine veterans seeking medical help. Garrand said, “It’s pretty tough for a back-bencher, and I say that lovingly,  to come up with a really definitive, I’ve-done-this-for-you advertising. But he’s come up with an issue that resonates terrifically and… is very authentic.”

Then the experts looked at an ad from Jason Levesque (below), which Garrand found “funny and compelling” and that “relies on a point of view that seems to be playing out across the nation right now: If you vote for Levesque you’re voting against Nancy Pelosi, who is a fairly disliked human being at this point.  It was appealing in that it was negative but upbeat.” Garrand pointed out that the two ads represent “the classic approach by the incumbent, and the classic approach by the upstart.”

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