Gaffney ’67, peak performance coach, up next in ‘Purposeful Work Unplugged’

Carol Gaffney '67.

Carol Gaffney ’67.

The Purposeful Work Unplugged series welcomes consulting psychologist Carol Gaffney to Bates College for a question-and-answer session at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in the Fireplace Lounge, Commons, 136 Central Ave.

Sponsored by the Purposeful Work initiative at Bates, the event is open to the public at no cost. For more information, please call 207-786-6128.

CEO and president of peopleSOLUTIONS and Six Dimensions Sports Consulting, Gaffney provides coaching for professionals seeking to improve personal and professional people skills. The Q&A session will focus on questions posed by members of the Bates community concerning her career path. Geoffrey Swift, vice president for finance and treasure at Bates, will moderate the discussion.

Purposeful Work is a Bates-wide initiative built on the premise that preparing students for lives of meaningful work is central to the liberal arts mission. The initiative is designed to help students figure out what kinds of work interest them, and to connect students to experiences that allow them to test these interests in the workplace.

Geoffrey Swift, Bates vice president for finance and administration and treasurer. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

Geoffrey Swift, Bates vice president for finance and administration and treasurer. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

The Purposeful Work Unplugged series presents question-and-answer sessions with notable alumni, faculty and guests about career trajectories and the traits that support meaningful work.

At peopleSOLUTIONS and Six Dimensions Sports Consulting, Gaffney works with the philosophy that self-knowledge and care are essential for maximizing one’s potential socially and professionally. Achieving goals in all realms of life rests on building communicative relationships of mutual understanding.

According to her website, Gaffney specializes in improving her clients’ skills in recruitment, leadership, performance and life management. Her inside-out approach offers insight into the basics of decision making across a broad range of interactions in the workplace and in daily life.

Previously, Gaffney worked as the director of family education at the CPC Millwood Hospital and as the owner and director at both the Mind/Body Center and Family Counseling Center in Arlington, Texas.

After graduating from Bates in 1967 with a degree in psychology, Gaffney earned her doctorate in psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is the former Goddard Fellow in Psychology at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. In addition to being a licensed psychologist, Gaffney is certified as a behavior, values and attribute index analyst and a sports axiologist.

Based in Barrington, Rhode Island, she is the author of several books and articles on successful parenting and stress management. Her clients come from a broad range of industries from sports to business.

Geoffrey Swift is the former chief financial officer at Harvard Law School. He joined Bates in November 2014 as a member of President Clayton Spencer’s senior staff.

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