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Course Planning Worksheet

Download the worksheet here. (Excel file, 53 KB)  (IMPORTANT: You cannot download this file in Internet Explorer.  For some reason, IE thinks that MS Office files are ZIP files, and they will not open correctly.  Please use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.)

The course planning worksheet (in Excel format) is an extremely useful resource for you to understand which courses and course combinations are required to graduate with a degree in psychology. You may use this worksheet to chart your progress in the major, make plans for future semesters, and prepare for meetings with your advisor. When you open the worksheet you will see Four tabs located at the bottom of the sheet (progress, courses, guidelines, notes). The progress tab lists your progress towards completing the major. The courses tab lists all of the psychology courses broken down by focus area. The guidelines tab lists the requirements for the completing the major and the notes tab is a place where you can type notes for yourself. To use this interactive worksheet simply type the semester and year you have taken (or plan to take) different courses. You will type this information under the “courses” tab. For example, if you took psychology 101 at Bates in the Fall semester of 2012 then you would type “F12” in the “Taken at Bates column” next to the course “101 Principles of Psychology”. After doing this you will see that a green check mark now appears in the “progress” column next to “principles of psychology” (on the progress tab). Be aware that macros must be enabled for the worksheet to function properly. Some versions of Excel for Mac do not support macros.  If you have questions about using this spreadsheet then please contact your academic adviser for help.

Studying abroad or at another school? Please view our online guide to transferring classes from elsewhere to see if they can count towards your psychology major.

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The Bates College Sophomore Hub is a great online resource for students interested in declaring their major, planning their courses around time abroad, getting internships, becoming involved in faculty research, and many other topics of interest to sophomores and others.

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