Community Participation

Below are some projects that may be of interest to members of the public.

By participating in our research projects, you are providing a very useful service to our students and faculty.  You may also be eligible for monetary and/or other compensation for your time.

(If you are a current Bates student, please check out our research projects for student participation.)

Please review the information below and contact the experimenter if you are interested in participating or in learning more about the study.



Bates College psychology research study (payment = $150)

Bates College researchers are investigating the relationship between three naturally-occurring chemicals in the brain (oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine) and aspects of cognitive (thinking) and affective (emotions) functioning in a study funded by the National Institute of Health. These chemicals can be assessed quickly and noninvasively through collection of common bodily fluids such as saliva and blood.

We are seeking healthy adult volunteers from central Maine to participate. The total time commitment is 3 hours, and volunteers are reimbursed $150 for their time in the form of a check. Participation involves one visit to the Bates College campus in Lewiston for a 2-hour session during the afternoon hours (flexible scheduling) in which we assess your cognitive and emotional functioning and collect a small amount of saliva and blood (via a finger-tip prick). Participation also involves completing questionnaires for 1-hour in the comfort of your own home, then mailing back the questionnaires via a pre-paid envelope.

We are looking for men and women who are:

– Age 20 to 80

– Physically and mentally healthy (no neurological or psychological diagnoses)

– Right handed

– Have at least a 10th grade level of education

– Fully fluent in English

– Have intact color vision

– Have not taken illicit drugs in the last month

Interested? Please contact us for more information by emailing Mr. Rishi Bommanan, the Human Neuropsychology Laboratory Coordinator at Bates, at

Posted Jan. 25, 2016.