Student Participation in Research


Approved Projects for Winter 2024


These are the approved experiments that Psychology 101 and other eligible psychology students may participate in for credit. Participation in any experiment that is not listed here will not count for credit. All appointments are being scheduled online.  To sign up for an experiment, please follow the link to the online appointment scheduler for that project. Not all experiments will be available at all times. If there is no sign-up sheet for a particular experiment, or if all appointments for an experiment are full, please find a different experiment to participate in.  For questions about any experiment, please contact the experimenter. For questions about participation credit, please contact your instructor.

1. You only get credit for participating in approved experiments. With few exceptions, all experiments are sponsored by the psychology department. You will only receive participation credit for the experiments listed on this website.  Check here for updates.

2. Each experiment has a fixed amount of credit assigned to it based on the average length of time that it takes most people to participate. If an experiment is worth 0.5 credits, you will get 0.5 credits whether it takes you 25 minutes or 35 minutes to complete it. Be sure to check the amount of credits when you sign up for the experiment.

3. To sign up for an experiment, please follow the link to the online appointment scheduler for that project. Please be respectful of the experimenter’s time and make sure that you keep your appointment! If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify the experimenter as soon as possible.

4. There are two general types of projects that you can participate in.  Lab studies require you to meet with the experimenter in person, whereas online studies can be completed online without scheduling an appointment.  Each type of project has a different way to track your participation.

  • Lab Studies: When you participate in a lab study, you should make sure that the experimenter has your Bates email address and psychology professor so that he or she can register your participation.
  • Online Studies: When you participate in an online study, you will be given the experiment number and a code word for that study at the end of the survey.  You will then be asked to enter that information in another web form in order to get credit for the project.  If you don’t enter the correct experiment number and code word, you will not receive credit. Here is a sample online survey so that you can see how to find the link to the participation credit survey.  (Answer the questions and submit to get to the link.)

5. Unless it is specifically noted, you can only participate in each project ONE TIME.  You will not earn credit for repeat participation in a given experiment.

6. Please note the restrictions listed for each experiment and do not participate in projects for which you are not eligible.  Some restrictions specify that only certain people may participate, e.g. only women or only athletes.  Other restrictions specify that some projects are mutually exclusive, i.e. you may not participate in a project if you have already done other projects.  If you participate in a project for which you are not eligible based on the restrictions, you will not receive credit for the project.

7. Once you have participated in an approved study, you will begin to receive weekly credit reports to your Bates email (usually on Thursday mornings) which summarize all of the credits that you have earned this semester.


The list of approved experiments is always being updated.  New projects are added regularly and new appointment slots are added for existing projects as the experimenters collect data.

Click here to view the current list of approved experiments

Note: Experiments listed are displayed in a randomized order every time the page is loaded.