Departmental News

Student Awards

We are pleased to announce the following award recipients for the Class of 2020:

Robert S. Moyer Prize in Experimental Psychology

Lily Patterson

Richard V. Wagner Prize for issues related to peace, conflict resolution, or social justice

Janika Ho

Leland And Claudina Bechtel Award for significant community service to a nonprofit organization

Alex Onouha

Eleanor Shields

Sam Alexander

Check out the Student Awards Archive for winners from previous years!

Harward Center Awards 2020

We are proud of our psychology majors who won the following awards given by the Harward Center for Community Partnerships.  Click on each link below to see a short video about the award and the recipient.

The Harward Center Award for Outstanding Community-Engaged Academic Work

Samantha Alexander ’20
Jayde Biggert ’20


The Harward Center Award for Outstanding Community Volunteerism and Student Leadership

Emily Pardi ’20
Eleanor Shields ’20

Comings & Goings

Josh Goodman’s time at Bates is drawing to a close.  He has accepted an assistant professor job at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.  Congratulations!

Yun Garrison will be joining the department as a new assistant professor in psychology beginning Fall 2020.  Welcome!

Krista Aronson will take a temporary leave from teaching in order to serve as Associate Dean of the Faculty.  Best of luck in Lane Hall!

Fall Poster Session 2018

Our fall seniors presented their thesis projects at the end of fall term.  Here are a few photos from the event:

First-year seminar podcasts

In his Fall 2018 first-year seminar, Searching for the Good Life, Michael Sargent tried out a new assignment. In three-person teams, the students conducted interviews with five interesting people, discussing their work. In keeping with the seminar’s status as a Purposeful Work Infusion course, the students prepared for the interviews by immersing themselves in each guest’s work, and then asked about both the work itself, as well as the personal story that led them to their career. The teams interviewed a former Pentagon chief of staff, a philosopher, and a National Geographic photographer, as well as two social scientists, evolutionary psychologist David Buss and choice researcher Sheena Iyengar. Check out the episodes at the Searching for the Good Work podcast.

Short Term 2018

Callie Reynolds ’18 discusses her short term class led by Prof. Rebecca Fraser-Thill for a great Bates news story.

Mt. David Summit 2018

This great article and slideshow about the most recent Mt. David Summit highlights several psychology seniors, Kyle Schlueter, Rachael Rosow, and Allegra Sacco.

Pictured below, Sam Lagerstrom ’18 celebrates his thesis poster with advisor Prof. Amy Bradfield Douglass.

Fall Poster Session 2017

Our fall seniors presented their thesis projects at the end of fall term.  Here are a few photos from the event:

Bates Magazine

Associate Professor Krista Maywalt Aronson was featured in a cover article of the fall issue of Bates Magazine, detailing her work on diversity in children’s literature.

Congratulations 2017

Prof. Kate White has a new baby boy as of August 2017, Wilder Hanley White.

Prof. Helen Boucher has been promoted to Professor of Psychology.

Four psychology majors were awarded Fulbright scholarships this year: Emily Bowen ’19, Sophia Marion ’19, Emily Tan ’19, and Kelsey Schober ’16.

Prof. Georgia Nigro has been given two prestigious awards recently.  The College Key presented her a Distinguished Service Award at the 2018 reunion.  She was also given the 2018 Vision Award by the Harward Center for Community Partnerships.