SCARAB Data Repository

The SCARAB Data Repository provides Bates College sponsored scholars with a tool for archiving and, if desired, providing access to the digital products of their scholarship.  These digital research products can be provided with a unique digital object identifier (i.e. CrossRef DOI).  They can also be associated with the ORCHID ID‘s of the associated scholars.

SCARAB Data Repository Use Cases

It is generally best practice to archive finalized research products in national or international repositories of similar materials to maximize discoverability and to leverage discipline-specific metadata structures.  However, SCARAB Data Repository is a good solution if your scholarly products:

  • do not have a national or international repository of similar content,
  • will not be published as part of a larger collection of data (e.g. “orphaned data”),
  • demonstrate the kind of “negative results” which, although valuable, are typically not included in published studies.

Access Control – What is available?

Access control options for digital products archived in the SCARAB Data Repository are:

  • archival (i.e. only accessible to system administrators),
  • available to members of the Bates community only,
  • openly available to all

Accessible data can also be placed under embargo (i.e. initially archival, but accessible after a defined date after submission).

Who should I contact?

Questions about the SCARAB Data Repository and how it can be used to archive your finalized datasets should be directed to Pete Schlax (

Questions regarding DOI assignment and ORCID ID’s can be directed to the SCARAB institutional repository manager at

Questions? Please contact:

SCARAB  Institutional Repository  Manager