Leah Greenfeld

Why are mental illnesses (such as depression and schizophrenia) afflicting ever more Americans? What is mental illness and where does it come from? What must be done to control this  epidemic? Professor Greenfeld will challenge existing understandings of mental illnesses in sociology, neuroscience, psychology, and feminism. Her analysis and proposed solutions are revolutionary as well as controversial. Already delivered at numerous universities worldwide, this is a talk not to be missed!!!

Professor Greenfeld holds the position of University Professor and Professor of Political Science and Sociology at Boston   University.  She is also Director of the Institute for the Advancement of the Social Sciences at Boston University.     Professor Greenfled has written extensively on capitalism, nationalism, culture, and the mind.  Her books include Nationalism: Five Roads to  Modernity (1992) and The Spirit of Capitalism: Nationalism and Economic Growth (2001), both published by Harvard University Press. Professor Greenfeld’s work has appeared in French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Catalan, Slovenian and Chinese.

Sponsored by the Sociology, Politics, and Psychology Departments.