Energy projects (FY2012)

In FY2012, the Energy Task Force implemented the following efficiency and conservation projects:

Hot Water Pump: In Pettengill Hall, electricians discovered that a hot water pump was running consistently at 15 horsepower even as the temperature varied in the building. The taskforce installed a variable frequency drive to slow down the pump once a zone of Pettengill is sufficiently heated, reducing both the amount of energy the pump consumes and the cost.

Pettengill Fume Hood: The anthropology department fume hood in Pettengill Hall was installed for cleaning bones and other archaeological purposes. Facilities discovered that the hood was running constantly, heating and cooling extra air when no one was using it. The taskforce installed a new system, so that anyone who needs to use the hood can call a number to turn it on, and in the interim, it remains off.

Main Boiler: After the installation of the O2 combustion controls, there was too much variability in the boiler. The taskforce replaced the linkages with servos, which allows for fine-tuned control of the boiler and saves additional energy and money.

Re-Commissioning Dana Chemistry and Pettengill: The taskforce periodically conducts studies of various academic buildings to evaluate their efficiency and to discover ways to improve energy usage. This includes analyzing the intended function of the building before its construction and its actual usage since its completion. The two buildings that were targeted for re-commissioning this year were Dana Chemistry and Pettengill Hall.

Air Handlers in Merrill: The taskforce installed 13 air handlers with various sized motors in Merrill Gym, increasing efficiency from 80% to 93%.

Boiler Controls for Curtailment: In smaller houses, there are thermostats for whole floors, not for individual rooms. Previously, even if you shut off the thermostat, the thermostat would read outside temperature fluctuations and turn on the boiler. Boiler controls were installed to override the thermostats and keep temperatures lower during holiday breaks to conserve energy.

Arcade Overhang: Humidity control used to be a problem in Ladd Library, so the taskforce investigated. The ceiling between the audiovisual center and the outside was not sealed, leaving a large gap. The taskforce sealed it, which has made a dramatic difference in humidity and temperature control.