Portland-Bates Vanpool

In 2013, a group of Bates employees living in Greater Portland launched the Portland-Bates Vanpool.

A cross between a carpool and public transit, the vanpool gives riders a respite from commuting fatigue, and saves them money and wear on their cars. “It’s a great social scene, although riders also often choose to work, read or listen to music,” adds one rider. Join our community of faculty, staff and sometimes even students who come to Bates on the van!

Schedule & Route

Through rain, through snow, through sun and gloom of darkness — the van runs Monday–Friday most of the year.

Portland to Bates Departs Arrives
Marginal Way park & ride lot 7am
Falmouth Hannaford park & ride lot, Rte. 100
(available by request)
Bates Alumni Gym, Central Avenue 7:55am
Bates to Portland Departs Arrives
Bates Alumni Gym, Central Avenue 5pm
Falmouth Hannaford park & ride lot, Rte. 100 5:35pm
Marginal Way park & ride lot 5:50pm

Flexible Riding Options

We offer monthly seats for those with a regular schedule. Many staff members ride full time (5 days/week), while faculty members teaching only on certain days ride part time (1–4 days/week). This is the most economical option.

We know many folks have crazy schedules and that a full-time or even part-time monthly seat won’t work for everyone. Therefore, we offer a flexible option: The 10-Roundtrip Ticket. This punch card allows you to ride any 10 days that work for your schedule.

For those who need to catch an occasional ride, we welcome drop-ins.


Except for drop-in riders and non-Bates riders, payments are deducted through Bates payroll on a pre-tax basis, making for even greater savings.

Full-time Seat
5 days/week = $180, paid monthly

Part-time Seat
4 days/week = $144, paid monthly
3 days/week = $108, paid monthly
2 days/week = $72, paid monthly
1 day/week = $36, paid monthly

10-Roundtrip Ticket = $100
Drop-in Rider = $12 (cash due on the day of travel)

How to Join

All riders must complete a Rider Agreement and Payroll Deduction Authorization form. Please  send both forms to Tom Twist at ttwist@bates.edu or in campus mail (Tom Twist, Bates Sustainability Office).

Contingent on capacity and scheduling considerations, the Bates vanpool also welcomes non-Bates commuters who work near campus. Contact Tom Twist for more information.

Rent the Van for Day Trips!

The van is parked at Bates 8am–5pm most weekdays. Faculty and staff who take students off campus or who travel in a group to a meeting can rent the van. Why go off campus to find a rental van when we have a van you can rent here? Based on a sliding scale, vanpool daily rental rates are $45-90.