Committee on Environmental Responsibility

Given that all dimensions of campus life and operations have environmental ramifications, and that environmental problem solving presents myriad educational opportunities, the CER was set up to represent a broad cross section of the campus community, including students, faculty and staff.

Meeting Schedule

During Fall 2013, the CER will meet every other Friday 1-2pm, starting on September 13.



Bates formed its first formal working group of faculty, staff, and students to address environmental concerns in 1990. For over a decade the ad hoc committee advocated for environmental stewardship to play a greater role in College affairs. In 2004, the group re-shaped itself into the Environmental Task Force and was asked to review and make recommendations for strengthening the college’s environmental standing. The task force recommended establishing a standing committee and hiring a full time Environmental Coordinator. As a result, in 2006 the college hired an Environmental Coordinator and in 2007 the Committee on Environmental Responsibility was formally legislated.


The Committee on Environmental Responsibility (CER) has the following charge: (1) to raise environmental awareness among all constituents of the college, (2) to keep abreast of research and developments that pertain to institutional sustainability, (3) to recommend policies for adoption by the college, in order to promote conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable use of resources, (4) to assess the environmental state of the college on a regular basis, and (6) to report to the faculty on its findings and activities.


Alejandro Dellachiesa Assistant Professor of Economics
Paul Farnsworth Senior Project Manager, Facilities Services
Doug Ginevan Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Office
Josh Henry Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Susan Murphy Manager of Purchasing, Sales and Desktop Support, Information and Library Services
Dan Nein Director of Facilities Services Operations, Facilities Services
Amie Parker Employment Manager, Human Resources
Camille Parrish Learning Associate, Environmental Studies
Sarah Potter Bookstore Director and Contract Officer
Julie Rosenbach Manager of Sustainability Initiatives, Office of Sustainability
Christine Schwartz Asst VP for DIning, Conferences and Campus Events
John Smedley Professor of Physics*
Pam Wichroski Director of Capital Planning and Construction, Facilities Services
Ben Breger ‘14
Eliza Kaplan ’15
Anabel Schmelz ’14


Meeting Minutes