Green Bike Program

Bates offers students access to bicycles for use on and off campus. It’s a free program that works two ways:


#1 Students doing fieldwork  or an internship in Lewiston/Auburn can apply to borrow a bike for the semester.

Again for the 2014/15 academic year, the Bates Green Bike program will be lending out bicycles to students participating in internships, field studies, and/or volunteer activities in Lewiston/Auburn. These bikes offer a quick, easy and reliable car-free form of transportation. Often a bike ride of less than five miles can be quicker than the shuttle.

We have a limited number of bikes which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to students who do not have a car on campus. Each student receiving a bike will be the sole owner of that bicycle for the semester and as such will be responsible for:

  • Keeping it locked (the bikes will come with cables & locks)
  • Riding safely & lawfully
  • Attending to mechanical problems (open garage hours will be held each week for repairs)

Bikes can be stored where students reside (every dorm on campus has a bike storage room and racks outside) as long as they are locked.

The Green Bike program will hold open shop hours weekly at the bike garage (10 Frye St.) for general maintenance issues. (Students who want to may also use these shop hours to learn how to fix a flat tire, tighten brakes, and other basic bike maintenance skills.)

Bikes may be shared among student volunteers, with the understanding that the person to whom the bicycle is assigned has ultimate responsibility for the bike. All bikes must be returned to the bike garage by the last day of classes or you will be charged.

To apply for a bike, complete the attached Green Bike application and submit it via email to or in person to the front office in Facilities Services care of: Julie Rosenbach, Manager of Sustainability Initiatives.

#2 Students can check out a bike from the Outing Club’s E-Room for day trips.

The E-Room is located in the back of Chase Hall. Hours are M-W-F from 4:15-5 PM.

The E-Room has just about everything that you could ever need to do something in the outdoors. Nordic skis, Alpine skis, all the accessories that you could imagine to go with boats and boating, climbing equipment, camping accessories, and yes, bikes.

A $5 per item deposit is required to rent the equipment and will be returned to you upon return of the equipment. All items must be returned within one week to the E-room. Check with the E-room staff regarding the due date of items over breaks.

Apply to be a Green Bike Coordinator!

Green Bike Program Coordinator – position description

Green Bike Program Coordinator – application form

Green Bike Equipment Coordinator – position description

Green Bike Equipment Coordinator – application