Bicycles at Bates College

Bates College has many bicycle storage locations on campus.  We encourage all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to lock their bikes to a bicycle rack when a bicycle is unattended.  Additional information on bicycles may be found on the Environmental Health and Safety and Campus Safety websites.

Outdoor Bicycle Racks

For your convenience, outdoor bicycle racks are found outside of many buildings on campus. These racks may change location from year to year or seasonally, depending on demand and weather conditions.

Indoor Bicycle Racks

Indoor bicycle racks are found inside many of our residential buildings, indicated below, to prevent bikes from being damaged by weather.  These locations are not intended to be used for long-term storage of bicycles.  All of these bicycle racks require card access for entry.

  • Chu Hall
  • Hopkins House (V3)
  • Kalperis Hall
  • Moody House (V1)
  • Parker Hall
  • Wentworth Adams Hall
  • Rand Bike Barn

Summer Bicycle Storage

For students returning in the Fall, bicycles may be stored for the summer at either the Rand Bike Barn or the Rzasa/Hopkins Bike Room accessible from the outside door. Bikes need to be labeled with a students name and contact information and should be registered with Campus Safety. Students studying abroad and seniors are not eligible to store bicycles in these locations during the summer.