Bicycles at Bates College

 Beginning in summer 2019 we will no longer be allowing over-the-summer bicycle storage. Please plan ahead.


Bates College has many bicycle storage locations on campus.  We encourage all students to register their bicycles with Campus Security in order to identify which bikes on campus are active and being ridden consistently.  Registering a bicycle is also important if a theft occurs.  This allows Bates Campus Security and LPD to more accurately identify a stolen bike.  We encourage all students to lock their bikes to a bicycle rack when a bicycle is unattended.

Outdoor Bicycle Racks

Outdoor bicycle racks are found outside many of our residential and academic buildings.  Below is a list of outdoor bicycle rack locations.

  • 10 Frye
  • 280 College Street
  • Chase House
  • Cheney House
  • Clason House
  • Frye House
  • Frye Street Union
  • Hacker House
  • Hayes House
  • Herrick House
  • Hopkins House (V3)
  • John Bertram Hall
  • Moody House (V1)
  • Moulton House
  • Nash House
  • Page Hall
  • Parker Hall
  • Parsons House
  • Pierce House
  • Rand Hall
  • Small House
  • Smith Hall
  • Stillman House
  • Webb House
  • Wentworth Adams Hall
  • Whittier House
  •  Wood Street House
  • 161-163 Wood Street
  • Alumni Gym
  • Chase Hall
  • Hathorn
  • Health Services
  • Hedge
  • Ladd Library
  • Merrill Gym Shed
  • Dining Commons
  • Olin Arts Center
  • Pettigrew
  • Pettingill
  • Roger Williams

Indoor Bicycle Racks

Indoor bicycle racks are found inside many of our residential buildings to prevent bikes from being damaged by weather.  All of these bicycle racks require card access for entry. Below is a list of the indoor bicycle rack locations on campus.

  • Hopkins House (V3)
  • John Bertram Hall
  • Moody House (V1)
  • Parker Hall
  • Smith Hall
  • Wentworth Adams Hall
  • Rand Bike Barn

Secured Bicycle Racks for Long Term Storage

Secured bicycle racks are found in residence halls and are locked so only college residence life professional staff, Facility Services, and Campus Security may open these locations.  When storing a bicycle in secured, long term storage please label the bicycle with a name, date the bicycle is stored, and date of intended pick-up.  Below is a list of the secured,long term bicycle storage locations on campus.

  • 10 Frye (Bike Shop/Program)
  • Bike Barn adjacent to Rand Hall