Volunteer Opportunities

Over 2,200 alumni volunteer their time, talent, and resources to the college — strengthening alumni relationships and serving the entire Bates community. Thank you for your leadership!

Alumni in Admission

Over 1,200 alumni volunteers represent Bates by covering hundreds of interviews and college fairs around the world.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, please visit the Alumni in Admission website.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council works to support the mission, vision, values, and strategic directions of the college, advancement office, and alumni engagement. The Alumni Council strives to be a positive, energetic ambassador for Bates and demonstrate the highest levels of commitment of personal capital to the college and alumni engagement.

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Bates Business and Regional Networks

The Bates Business and Regional Networks supports dynamic programming for Bates alumni and parents across the country. Networks offer a variety of events throughout the year to help participants meet, connect, and learn from one another on a personal and professional level.

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Bates Career Development Center

The Bates Career Development Center (BCDC) has an expansive network of alumni who volunteer to share opportunities and their professional expertise with fellow alumni and students. There are many ways to get involved: post a job or internship opportunity, attend a Bates networking event, or sponsor a job shadow experience.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, please visit the BCDC website.

Bates Fund Executive Committee

Comprised of alumni and parent volunteer leaders, the Bates Fund Executive Committee (BFEC) helps the Annual Giving staff oversee the strategic and tactical objectives for the Bates Fund and solicit and steward gifts to the Mount David Society. The BFEC consists of several subcommittees which focus their expertise on key Bates Fund programs.

Class Agents

Class Agents play an important role in keeping alumni connected and involved with Bates. Class Agents contact classmates about supporting Bates and share news from campus. There are more than 250 dedicated Class Agents who are integral to the success of our fundraising efforts.

Please visit our Class Agent website for fundraising resources and more information.

Class Officers

Class Officers are leaders who serve as liaisons with the college. Most classes have two or more officers who put together an annual class newsletter and serve on a Committee during Reunion. Elections may occur every five years, usually the year following Reunion. The current class leadership and the college will determine whether an election is necessary.

There are more than 200 dedicated Class Officers who play an important role in keeping alumni connected with the college. To learn more about volunteering as a class officer, please contact your class leadership, or your Bates staff liaison.

Bates Staff Liaisons

Cristin Bates
Classes: 1950–1956, 1967–1981
cbates@bates.edu | 207-755-5991

Lucy Brennan
Classes: 1962–1966, 1997–2006
lbrennan@bates.edu | 207-786-6487

Alicia Rea
Classes: 2007–2016 (Bobcats of the Last Decade)
area@bates.edu | 207-755-5990

Meredith Scaplen
Classes: 1957–1961, 1982–1991, 1994–1996
mscaplen@bates.edu | 207-755-5993

Reunion Volunteers

Reunion volunteers make Bates Reunion Weekend happen — they take the lead building attendance, generating enthusiasm, and fundraising during their special milestone year. This year Reunion is June 9–11, 2017.

Please visit our Reunion Volunteer website for volunteer resources and more information.