Alumni and Parent Recognition

Bates is proud to recognize the achievements and volunteer contributions of our alumni, parents, and friends through a program of awards and honors. Below you can learn about these awards and about the Bates people who have made this college — and the world — better through their time, efforts, and talents.

+Alumni Community Service Award

The Alumni Community Service Award is given annually to an alum who has demonstrated distinguished leadership and commitment to serving the community in which they live or work. The award is designed to recognize the values of service and civic responsibility that are fundamental to the Bates education.

Recent Recipients | Full Recipient List

2024Michael Schlechter ’99*
2023Catherine “Cat” Lathrop Strahan ’86
2023Nathan Harrington ’05
2022Carolyn McNamara ‘08
2022Amanda Webb Dickerson ‘01
2020William “Bud” Schultz ’81
2019Benjamin R. Ayers ’99
2019Patricia Sullivan Doyle ’79, P’09
2019Chomba Kaluba ’11
2018Win Brown ’89, P’21
2017Nathaniel Boone ’52, P’82
2016Sylvia Stuber Heap ’50
* Yet to be presented.
+Alumni Professional Recognition Award

The Alumni Professional Recognition Award is given annually to an alum that has demonstrated outstanding professional success and achievement in any field or endeavor. This award is designed to recognize the exceptional career accomplishments that exemplify the ideals and spirit of Bates College.

2024Robin Hodgskin ’76*
2024David Wilcox ’74*
2023Jeffrey Roy ’83 P’12
2023Aditi Vaidya ’00
2022Natalie Adler ‘92
2022Lisa Marshall-Schwiebert ‘86
* Yet to be presented.
+The Benjamin E. Mays Medal

The Benjamin E. Mays Medal award was established during Mays’ lifetime, and he was the inaugural recipient of the award in 1982. It is the highest alumni award of the college and is presented to an alumna or alumnus who has performed distinguished service to the larger (worldwide) community and been deemed a Bates graduate of outstanding accomplishment. It is an occasional award that has been presented only 18 times.

Recent Recipient List | Full Recipient List

2023Douglas Evans ’78
2019James Owens ’87
+Bruce Stangle ’70, P’96, GP’26 Award for Distinguished Service

The Bruce Stangle ’70, P’96, GP’26 Award for Distinguished Service to the Bates Community was established in honor of Bruce for his decades of remarkable service. It is an occasional award that will be given in recognition of Bates leaders whose body of work has touched countless Bates people and helped them become better professionals in their careers or in their volunteer work.

Award Recipients

2024Ira Waldman ’73*
2023Nate Walton ’08
2022David Morris ’89
2021Sara Cummings ‘89 & Beth Tener ‘89
2020Dr. Ben Lowenstein ’92 P’23 
2019Kathleen Ann Burke ’03
2017Robert E. Cramer ’79, P’13, P’14
2016Edmund J. Wilson ’62
2015Jennifer Guckel Porter ’88, P’15
2014Stuart B. Abelson ’97
2013Bradford A. Adams ’92
2012Bruce Stangle ’70, P’96
+David G. Russell ’66 Award

The Office of Admission presents the David G. Russell ’66 Award to exemplary Alumni in Admission volunteers. Usually presented during Back to Bates: Homecoming & Family Weekend or Reunion Weekend, the David G. Russell Award is named in honor of the late Chair for the Worcester region. David was devoted to the AIA program, and this award is intended to celebrate those in AIA who embody his same loyalty to Bates.

2023Gary Silverman ’83
2018Sarah Bartos Smith ’98
2018Jessica Backer Brand ’95
2016Cat Djang ’13
2016Jill Kopicki Blankenhorn ’03
+Distinguished Young Alumni Award 

Established in 1987, the Distinguished Young Alumni Award is presented to a young graduate (usually not more than 15 years out) for exceptional volunteer service to Bates and distinction in their career.

Recent Recipients | Full Recipient List

2024Alexandria Onuoha ’20*
2023Ainsley Jamieson ’18
2022Allen Kendunga ‘18
2022Michael “Mikey” Pasek ’12
2021Marshall Hatch ‘10 *
2021Marsha Larned ‘07 *
2020Maggie Reilly Fidler ’12
2020Sangita Murali ’12
2019Meredith G. Traquina ’13
2018Zak Ray ’07
2016Bradley McGraw ’10
2015Emma A. Sprague ’10
* Yet to be presented.
+Helen A. Papaioanou ’49 Distinguished Alumni Service Award

Inaugurated in 1981, the  Helen A. Papaioanou ’49 Distinguished Alumni Service Award is awarded to a graduate or graduates (usually greater than 25 years) for truly distinguished service — both in quantity and quality. Historically known as the Distinguished Alumni Service Award, the 1999 award was renamed the Helen A. Papaioanou Distinguished Alumni Service Award, to honor Helen Papaioanou, M.D., class of 1949, for her decades of service to Bates and to the board of trustees from 1965 to 1999.

Recent Recipients | Full Recipient List

2024Jennifer Bouchard ’99*
2023Lisa Romeo ’88
2022Sally Ehrenfried ‘89
2020Irwin Flashman ‘65
2019Rachel Harper Garcelon ’62
2018Keith Harvie ’67
2017Judith A. Marden ’66
2016Leigh P. Campbell ’64
+Scholar-Athlete Society 

The Bates Scholar-Athlete Society honors dedication to excellence in scholarship and sportsmanship. It celebrates the ways in which the game fits into the overall collegiate experience by honoring those who do it best.

Scholar-Athlete Inductees (2005–present)

+Sesquicentennial Prize

The Sesquicentennial Prize was established in 2005 in honor of the college’s 150th anniversary. It is awarded to an alumna/us for a single academic, artistic, or scientific achievement. It is conferred at the discretion of the Alumni Council.

Award Recipients

2023Alisa Amador ’18 *
2022Jeffrey K. Tulis ‘72
2021Charles Perou ‘87
2020Amy Bass ’92
2019Emily S. Buchanan ’89
2018Louis Weinstein ’68
2015Lisa M. Genova ’92
2010Elizabeth S. Strout ’77, LL.D.’10, P’94
2007John M. Carrafa ’76
* Yet to be presented.

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