With funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence initiative in 2018, we will focus on areas that have the highest potential for significant cultural and curricular change. Our overarching goal is for any student at Bates who is interested in STEM to be provided with an inclusive curriculum, support structures, and dedicated faculty and staff mentors to ensure that they have the opportunity to thrive.

Statement of Commitment and History

We will transform faculty attitudes and practices that will result in broad curricular changes, redefine the first year science curriculum by introducing research experiences in a students’ first semester at Bates, and provide opportunities for students from marginalized populations to engage in a four-year program of leadership and learning.

What is Inclusive Excellence?: How Bates defines the goals of its project, and a link to more information about Inclusive Excellence from HHMI.

The HHMI Leadership Team: The members of the leadership team, and a bit about them.

HHMI Project Profile and Updates. Information and updates about the project on the HHMI Inclusive Excellence website.

HHMI Budget Request Form: A place for Bates faculty and staff to request HHMI funds for activities and speakers.