Second Community Update About Mumps

Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Since our last update a few weeks ago, Health Services has diagnosed additional student cases of the mumps. After being diagnosed, these students have been isolated until they are no longer contagious. This remains a relatively small group of students.

We continue to coordinate closely with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and are following their directions and recommendations to manage and resolve this situation. As we shared previously, transmission requires contact with respiratory secretions or saliva droplets. As such, we ask that you be particularly attentive to taking necessary precautions (i.e. regular and thorough washing of hands, not sharing drinks or utensils, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing).

If you develop symptoms, you should visit a healthcare provider. For students, you may visit Bates Health Services. For faculty and staff, CMMC Urgent Care in Auburn is prepared to see you.


Paige Picard, DO
Medical Director
Bates Health Services/Central Maine Medical Center

Cindy Visbaras, BSN, MEd
Associate Director for Student Health Support
Bates Health Services