Services Provided

If you are a Bates College student, you may visit Health Services when school is in session. Students with any illness or injury are urged to come promptly to Health Services.

Health Services is a place where students requiring care but not hospitalization may be seen for medical concerns.  In case of an emergency, students may be seen or taken by ambulance to Central Maine Medical Center.

For questions or support accessing any services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact BHS at 207-786-6199 or

All of our medical staff are trained in providing family medicine. Providers with specialty areas, such as osteopathic manipulative medicine, acupuncture, hormone therapy, or sports medicine will have this listed in their profile on the Health Services Staff page. When scheduling an appointment for a specific service, take a look at the providers who specialize in this area. You can email or call Health Services and ask to schedule with a specific provider. 

General Medical Services

• Care for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19

• Care coordination for medical diagnoses and injuries

• Illness and injury management

• RN consultation without insurance billing

• Appointments with Doctors (MD, DO) or Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP)

• Study abroad physical

• Smoking Cessation Services (support in creating a plan to quit smoking)

• Respiratory nebulizer treatments (for chronic or viral induced asthma)

• Skin biopsies to test for abnormal changes in skin

• Inserting or removing stitches

• Laboratory services

• Wart removal

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening, testing, and treatment

• Short Acting Contraception (Birth control pill, patch, ring, shot, etc.)

• Long Acting Reversible Contraception (Intrauterine Device (IUD), Nexplanon)

• Emergency Contraception (Plan B & Ella)

• Pregnancy Testing (urine)

• HIV Prevention-PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

• Gynecological Appointments

• Abortion Options Counseling and Referrals to CMMC

Manual Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) – A hands on way to diagnose and treat illness and injury through manipulating bones, muscles, and joints.

• Acupuncture & Dry Needling – Treatments that use thin metallic needles that are activated through gentle and specific movement of the provider’s hands or with electrical stimulation in order to treat a variety of chronic medical and pain conditions.

Pharmacy Services

• Refilling of maintenance medications through a pharmacy of your choice

• CMMC Pharmacy

Prescriptions can be filled after hours by the CMMC Pharmacy, located on the ground floor of the 12 High Street Medical Office Building. The CMMC Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

• CMMC Pharmacy delivery to Bates Post & Print

A courier service will drop off medications to Post and Print at 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day; you will receive an email when your package is ready for pick up. Medication will be sent in a sealed envelope with your name and number on the outside; your Bates ID and signature will be required to ensure proper pickup.

CMMC Pharmacy Contact: 207-795-7177

Diagnostic Testing

• Strep Testing

• Pregnancy Testing

• UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Testing

• Anemia (Iron) Testing – Hemoglobin finger stick

• HIV Testing

• Blood Sugar Testing – Glucose finger stick

• Mononucleosis Testing

• Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

• COVID-19 Testing

*Additional Lab testing can be collected at BHS and sent to CMMC lab for results.


• Annual Flu Shot

• MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

• TDap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis)

• Gardasil (HPV vaccine series)

• Hepatitis B

• Menactra (Meningitis)

Nutrition Services

Bates Health Services offers nutrition counseling to students, provided by Josh Palomera, MS, RD, LDN, CSN.

Students may be referred by a healthcare provider, a counselor from CAPS, Sports Medicine, or request an appointment by emailing Josh at or calling (207)786-6198.

Materials and Resources

• External Condoms

• Dental Dams

• Personal Lubricant Pouches

• Menstrual Products

• Personal Sharps Containers and Disposal Service

Local Medication Disposal

Campus Support Resources

The range of academic and support services for Bates students is broad. We outline below some of the key services available, though the list is not exhaustive.

For questions or support accessing any of the below resources, please contact

Bates Reach

Bates Reach is an online resource that allows you to connect the various faculty and staff that are here to support you including your current professors, your SSA, and any other coaches or mentors you regularly work with. You can use Bates Reach to communicate with the members of the Bates community that you need support from. For more information on Bates Reach please continue reading here, and you can also log in to Bates Reach here.

Your Faculty

If you are missing classes for a medical reason please continue reading here. When experiencing an illness or other health related problems that impact your academic work, it is important to work with your professors. In addition to communicating through email, Bates Reach is a resource that you should use to coordinate with your professors.

Access to Meals

Access to Meals

Students whose illness precludes them from accessing meals in Commons can make dining arrangements to be provided with access to Grab and Go meals. To use this resource you should discuss this option with a member of Health Services who will make a determination based on medical advice, and then coordinate with Dining Services to arrange your meals.

Support for Mobility Concerns

Snow and Ice Removal

In the case of snow and ice, generally, our Grounds crew prioritizes the central areas of campus, including academic buildings, dining facilities, high traffic walkways, and accessible entrances and ramps. Please review these Snow Plowing and Shoveling Guidelines, which includes information regarding preferred pathways to use during inclement weather.

Although Bates does our best to clear ice and snow, each storm is different and there may be times when snow and ice create an issue. Should you encounter an area that is difficult to navigate, please call Facilities Services Monday-Friday 7:00-3:30 at 207-786-6449 or if after hours or on the weekend please call Campus Safety at 207-786-6254. 


To request a ride to help navigate campus, please call the Bobcat Express dispatch at 207-786-8300. In general, they ask for at least 15 minutes advance notice when scheduling a ride but in the case of heavy snow or ice they request at least 30 minutes advance notice.

In the event that classes are canceled due to inclement weather, the Bobcat Express will be available to provide rides to campus dining locations as needed.

Should you feel unsafe at any point navigating campus to attend class due to inclement weather, please contact the Office of Accessible Education and Student Support at 207-786-6222 or

Transportation to Medical Appointments

The Bobcat Express provides transportation to students for medical appointments and prescription pick-up off campus. The Bobcat Shuttle runs Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Please make your appointments during these times. If an appointment is needed outside of this time frame, we will try our best to accommodate you. 

To schedule a ride, complete the Bobcat Express Reservation Request form 48 hours* prior to your reservation time. Bobcat Express reservations are processed Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Reservations received outside these times will be processed the next business day.

Any questions or concerns regarding your reservation can be directed to the Transportation Coordinator @ 207-786-6337.

The taxi service will pick up outside Chase Hall and transport you to your destination.

Long Term Support and Accommodations

The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support

The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support is a resource that you can utilize to help organize aspects of your academic work if you are missing class due to an illness. The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support works in conjunction with BHS to support students and create long term plans when students’ medical diagnoses affect their ability to access the curriculum, residential life on campus, or dining in Commons.

Academic Support

Academic Resource Commons (ARC)

ARC offers student-focused academic support services including peer tutoring, workshops, writing support, and the PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) program. In addition to content-specific support, peer tutors are also available to work with students on general learning skills like time management and study strategies.

Mathematics and Statistics Workshop

The Mathematics and Statistics Workshop (MSW) offers assistance to students in introductory level courses that have a mathematical component. Services include drop-in hours, attached tutors for select courses, individual tutorials, and support with related technology.

Writing at Bates

Writing at Bates serves all members of our learning community. The Writing and Speaking Center, located in Ladd Library, provides a convenient, student-centered option for students seeking to develop their writing or speaking skills. Students also have the option to schedule an individual appointment with a Writing Specialist for consultation and support.

Please click the link for a comprehensive listing of Academic Resources at Bates College.

Social Support

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Available to all Bates students, CAPS provides comprehensive, confidential mental health care. Services provided include assessment and evaluation, counseling, and referrals to off-campus providers for specialized or intensive treatment. Students can schedule an appointment by calling or visiting the office.

Student Support Advisors

Student Support Advisors (SSA) provide personal support and supplemental academic advising to a cohort of students, responding to concerns as they arise. They can provide support and connection to resources on campus as students recover from an illness or injury. These advisors are the primary contact for personal and social concerns and a connection point for faculty who have concerns about a student, academic or otherwise. SSAs are listed in BatesReach under each student’s Success Network.

Multifaith Chaplaincy

The Multifaith Chaplaincy warmly and creatively serves the religious, spiritual, searching, and seeking community at Bates. In addition to weekly and annual offerings, students can access confidential pastoral care and conversation by scheduling an appointment with a Multifaith Chaplain.

Office of Intercultural Education

The OIE is a multipurpose space that welcomes those who value or embody diversity and aspire to participate in an inclusive community. Students come to the OIE to seek support from professional staff and build community among those with similar identities and experiences. Cultural affinity groups often gather and provide peer to peer programming and community. In addition, Bobcat First! serves as a resource for students who identify as first generation to college.


SPARQ! is a multidimensional program dedicated to providing resources and support for the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies, including peer mentors, LGBTQIA+ community dinners, and educational opportunities. SPARQ! Peer Mentors provide one-on-one support for students who identify as LGBTQIA+ or are navigating their sexual, romantic, or gender identity. Students can be paired with a mentor for continuous support or drop-in during office hours.