Confidential Resource Advisor (CRA)

Previously called the Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA)

What the CRA Does

Please note: the CRA position is currently being filled. Community members seeking advocacy services should contact SAPARS, our local crisis response partners. Other confidential resources on campus may also be available for support. | 207-753-6996 |  96 Campus Ave, 209

Available:  Regular business hours and by appointment

The Confidential Resource Advisor (CRA) provides support and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and other sexual misconduct. The CRA can speak with students to answer questions about reporting incidents to Title IX; discussing the different formal resolution process options; and advising about which choices may be best for a student. The CRA also provides open, empathetic listening for community members who simply wish to work through an experience in community with someone else. The CRA also facilitates sexual violence prevention trainings.  

How The CRA Can Help

The CRA can help you by:

  • Listening to and supporting you;
  • Connecting you with other resources, both on campus and off campus;
  • Helping you file a report with the college or with local law enforcement;
  • Explaining your rights and options under the Bates Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Harassment Policy;
  • Providing information about self-care;
  • Helping you develop a safety plan; and
  • Assisting you in navigating the medical and legal systems.