The Title IX Team

Who We Are

Director of Title IX & Civil Rights Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, Gwen Lexow
Lane Hall 202-A | 207-786-6445 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics, Celine Cunningham
Senior Associate Athletic Director
Alumni Gym | 207-786-6342  |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty, Don Dearborn
Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Biology
Lane Hall 120 | 207-786-6107  |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff and Visitors, Hope Burnell
Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Environmental Health & Safety
215 College Street | 207-786-8388  |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff and Visitors, Patty Rooney
Human Resources Director
215 College Street | 207-753-6935  |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students, Erin Foster Zsiga
Dean of Students
Lane Hall 104 | 207-786-6220  |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students, Andee Bucciarelli
Associate Director of Residence Life for Health Education
96 Campus 202 | 207-755-5947  |

How We Can Help

We can help you:

  • Obtain confidential support and connect you with resources;
  • Access protective measures such as No Contact Orders;
  • By arranging for supportive measures, such as academic, housing, work, or transportation changes or remedies;
  • By responding to allegations of retaliation;
  • File a criminal complaint with local law enforcement; and
  • By providing clear and accurate information regarding our policies and procedures and your rights under the Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Harassment Policy and Title IX.

Our Charge

The Title IX Team is trained to receive, respond to, and resolve reports of bias, harassment and discrimination that affect Bates community members. Title IX Team members have robust additional training in supporting those individuals reporting sexual harassment, including sexual assault, stalking, and domestic and dating violence.

Our role is to eliminate, prevent, and redress all known instances of bias, harassment and discrimination, including sexual violence, stalking, and relationship violence.

We are charged with investigating and resolving reported misconduct and other gender-equity concerns; supporting the people involved; implementing measures to maintain campus safety; and promoting everyone’s ability to live and learn in an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

The individuals listed below can a) provide information regarding the college’s policies and procedures; b) assist in accessing other support services; and c) help arrange for supportive measures or other remedies. While not bound by confidentiality, these resources will maintain the privacy of an individual’s information within the limited circle of those who need to know to assist with providing support services or resolving a report.