In the First 72 Hours

Get to a safe place.

Bates Campus Safety  (207-786-6111) and the Lewiston Police Department  (911) can assist in securing your safety.

Talk to someone you trust.

You can call a friend or a family member.  You can also access confidential support on campus and off campus.  The Confidential Resource Advisor (CRA), the Multifaith Chaplains, and the counselors in Bates Counseling and Psychological Services can provide support and counseling during regular business hours and by appointment. 

Students wishing to speak to a mental health counselor after hours may call 207-786-6200 and press 0 to be connected immediately with mental health professional.  In addition, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services (800-871-7741) can provide 24-hour confidential advocacy and support.

Other on-campus after-hours assistance can be accessed by contacting Campus Safety (207-786-6254).

More information about support resources is available here.

Seek medical care to assess immediate health care needs.

Instances of sexual violence or intimate partner violence may require medical attention. In addition to treating injuries, health care providers can assist with STI testing and treatment and provide emergency contraception. Bates Health Services (207-786-6199) provides care from 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday, during the academic year.  After-hours care can be obtained through Central Maine Medical Center’s Urgent Care Center and Emergency Department (207-795-2200).  Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners are available at CMMC to perform forensic exams and collect physical evidence for future use.

More information about seeking medical care is available here.

Consider filing a report.

You may file a report with the college, local law enforcement, or both.  At Bates, you may speak to Gwen Lexow, the Title IX Coordinator, at 207-786-6445.  You may also speak with other members of the Title IX Team.  

Bates Campus Safety and Security officers may also receive reports (207-786-6111). 

You may also file a report anonymously.

Individuals wishing to file a criminal complaint with law enforcement may call the Lewiston Police Department directly at 207-784-6421.  The Title IX Coordinator, the Confidential Resource Advisor (CRA) and Campus Safety will assist you with filing a criminal complaint if you desire. 

Individuals are not required to file a criminal complaint.

More information about filing a criminal complaint is available here.

Preserve evidence for future use.

Physical evidence may be necessary for criminal prosecution or obtaining a Protection Order.  If possible, do not bathe, change clothing, use the restroom, or brush your teeth prior to having evidence gathered.  Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners are available at Central Maine Medical Center to perform forensic examinations and collect physical evidence for future use.  You do not need to file a police report to get a forensic exam.  Preserving evidence helps keep your options open, so you can make decisions at a later date.